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                 * Avtari Purush *


 Jai Shree Krishna Ji

Difference Between God, Lord, Human & Avatari Purush.

Avatari purush meaning and differences between five stages in Incarnation of Divine Supreme Power !

1 God :-
                 God then God are all the Divine Automatic Systematic & Divine Immortal creations this formless like a subtle bind those who appear Sveny which sparkled like the diamond. The Amar, Ajar, Immotal and the stable situated on the latitude.

2 Adhi God :-
                  The Formated God is these same Parbrhmin-Prameshwar own rich coordinate himself with his right divine Virtues is these three bodies are one of our finer bodies their physical body Ring. Our Subtle-body they animate body is showing.

3 Lord :-
                   Our body due to them because it is an element of both. Difference is their ultimate reality so our element 3 human macro, Suksm and KARAN. THE SUKSHAM  body are macro is made up of five elements of nature microdissection following work wrath greed fascination ego mind genius and knowledge made that the Bindness properties of five elements,

4 Human Mumukshu :-
                 Embodiment is Bonding eight properties creatures called Jiwatma: - thus after being Virtueless GUNATEET of any creature's body may become four body as Awatari guy because even the fourth body Shree Lord animate in Avatari man's divine elements + The Divine get as Ora, which is a symbol of divinity thus there are four bodies.
5. Avatari Purush:-
                Avtari Purush means in spirituality, 1. Avtari means Avtari Virtuous body (incarnated) and Purush means here in spirituality, Atom-Tatav (Supreme Soul ) so means Avtarit-Atama  in Virtuous divine Body of Prakriti = Avtari Purush. 
                  And Fifth, it is characterized by divine Ring Awatari guy as the fifth divine power VIVEKA on the Lord + Man is, incarnation or Avatari is to get it divinity since not it divine attributes before, and individuals, Avatari guy gets the distinction of being called.

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               There is around because the same body that is the ultimate reality is the " KARAN SARIRA ."
                                           Das Anudas Rohtas

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