Saturday, November 18, 2023

Global Warming - One planet is going to miss us realized during meditation

                    * Irregularities of Planets *

                    One planet is going to miss showing as in this vedio. We realized during meditation at 8-15 am, on 4-11-2023, due to Planetary irregularities. Sparking also realized during meditation here at 2-00 am, on 6-3-24 in I D U

                      Sparking also realized here

Sun is running very speedily here

Globing warming dew to double position of sun,
 will be temperature warm

Special:---These Two are Roaming Together


Sun can become converted in Black Hole 11-4-24

It seems brightness of some planets including the Sun in the solar system dimmed  14-4-24

                              Das  Anudas Roh