Friday, February 28, 2014

* अवतारी पुरुष रोहतास *

                            " सर्वशक्तिमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय् नमः "

                                                   दास अनुदास रोहतास

Monday, February 24, 2014

* Mox * Mukti * Marityu *

                      * MOX.  MUKTI.   MARITYU *

   * Shristi - Chacker *
              First of all we should understand the whole shristi-chacker of Tatav, in this beahtiful world and in this wonderful Shristi. We try our best to explain step by step with the help of TATAV thioricaly which     showing below :-

1.  There is only Peaceful Dham , very calm and motionless  and there is  no activities in this Scilent Universe.

2.  There appeared automaticuly elements of many kinds in this laying down calm universe after millions of years.
3.  All these elements with the help of Viveka-power (Motion ) they come in motion like a Black Hole very speadly and there appeared gravity in it.

4. Now after a blast there appeared and originate outomaticuly Systematically and Divinely, Glorious Supreme divine Tatav as a centeral point of all elements and powers in Universe just like a Dot, Suksham-Bindh.

5.  Now after million of years there appeared automaticuly and Systematiculy as FORMATED-GOD a safty covatch " RING+ DOT "a special Divine Power, around  the Divine Tatav, that is cald by the name as "Supreme Soul, Supreme Power, Supreme Tatav, Chettan Tatav, Nirakara" which twincle like a brillient Star like a Diamond at the center place or center point of the Universe. Spritualy it cald "Adhi-Deva, Adhi-Sthan" "Adhi-God" in Hinduisum. And all ordinory minor Tatav also circulate arround this Supreme Tatav.

6.  After million of years there come a changing in the Shape like trangale and become more powerful Cald by name " Trimurti, Trideva, Trigunai- Maya-Dhari " ect, and all minor ordinory Tatavs also cowered with a covach of  Nature " Givatma " like a small Larvas (Pyupas), originate with the help of Natural Virues in many different Shape siges and colours in the Universe.

7.   Only Supreme Tatav divinly can appeared in any Divine Form as He wants in moment at every where in the Universe and in  Shristi. So after million of years God appeared and Fomate Himsef a formated God whenever He wants to originate creatures in the Shristi. All these Givatmas bound in the natural virtues " Natural Bodies " according to God's desire.

8.  Supreme Soul is Immortal because It is complitaly divine. All minor ordinory Tatavs are also immortal but all Givatma are not immortal dew to bind with  Natural virtues.

               Now we want to know about the " Mox-Mukti & Marityu. First we know about the creation of Shristi. The creation of the Shristi is created with Parkriti and Purush " Natural-Virtues + Chatten." Five Qualities of Nature + One Chatten-Tatav, which we try to explaine giving below :-


1.  Marityu :-

         Soul is immortal. Soul never die. All natural bodies "Sathul Sariras " made by five Tatav (Elements) of Nature like Akash + Agni + Air + Earth + Water go to death.

2.  Mukti :-

                 Jivatma only gain Mukti. When holy soul bound with Natural Virtues (Natural-Qualities) EGO, Evils like Kama, Karodha, Lobh, Moha, Ahankara and Mann, Budhi, pride and Viveka of Natural-Elements, then it is ca led Givatma, (Shuksam-Sarira). After death of Sathul Sarira of any creature, when Jivatma leaving his Sathul Sarira body of any creature, that position of the soul is caled  Mukti. Here Sathul Sarira only expier but Jivatma alives to live and journey for take re-bearth again and again in the Shristi. They can arrive to Higher Dham deu to their Shrest-Karma, to live for more time in the Lokas of wonderful Shristi, as Savarga, Baikunth-Dham, and Satya-khand  (White-Dham, Ruhon Ka Dham, Holy Dham, Param Dham) ect. Yet  Jivatma take birth again and again according to his Karam in the Shristi.There is great importence of karma in the Journey of Tatav during the role of Jivatma. All spiritual achivements depend upon the Karama of Jivatma. Because:-

        " Karam Gati Tare Na Tarey."
      Shksam Sarira with divine Light
3.  Mox :-
                It is very difficult to gain Mox-Padh in the World in this beautiful Shristi. Only those Jivatma who become virtuousless and holy soul that Holy-Soul can submit the main soul or gain Mox only after Kindness and blessing by God. But after Mahaparlaya there live nothig else,then there is all in One.  V.V.Important and complesorry thing we want to tell you here is that:-

         *A soul can be holy................but...............*

          *A holy soul can not be Supreme Divine Soul.*

             The Supreme soul is Original Divine Soul and automaticly Systematiculy and Divinely appearience and known only deu to His special Divine qualities in Him. All these Spiritual knowledge is the matter of self realization which can realize only during maditation in internal divine universe, being  Introvert.

                                                                                                               Das Anudas Rohtas

Friday, February 21, 2014

*Difference Between* MARITYU * MUKTI & MOX *

   "Diffrence Between Marityu- Mukti- Mox "
1. Marityu Physical Body ki hoti hey.
2. Mukti Shuksham body, Jiwattma, Virtuous body ki hoti hey.
3. Mox ," Karan Sarira ko milta hey, to Holy-Soul   because, Soul is Immortal, after being virtuousless of Givatama (Gunatita), and after kindness and blessing by Supreme Soul, The Almighty God," GOD ".

                                  Das Anudas Rohtas