Wednesday, September 4, 2013


             * Rohtas Leela Darshana *
                  There appeared so many Avatar in this beautiful Shristi and take place in every Yuge. In Satyuge Raja Shri Harish Chandera, Vishava  Mitter and Shree Rohtas Ji, in Tritya Yuge, Raja Shri Ram Chandera ji, Shri Luxmana ji and Shri Hanuman ji, In Dwaper Yuge, Lord Shri Krishna, shri Balram ji, and Shree Rohtas Ji son of Shri Raja Mordhavaj ji. In the present Yuge, Kal-Yuge, Incarnation for Suprime Divine power Nirakara, Anshik Tatav's Maha-Avatar, Shri Rohtas ji, is going to show His, Divine Maha-Avatar- Leela, in the presence of Lord Shri Rama, Lord Shri Krishna in His Bal-Roop and Lord Shri Hanuman ji with His Vannar-Sena, at 8-00 am, on 1-9-2013.
                   Shri Hanuman ji suggested to Das here that Shree Jam-Vant Ji, Nal, Nill, and other worriors and many soldgers were also waiting and standing there for joined this Great Leela with us. Das told to Shree Hanuman Ji that He knew very well about them and already observed them, and suggested to them that they should be ready and gathered,  powerfully and forcely at some distence, in half round Que silently, from the Leela spot and wait for the moment, which may not be heapened. Hanuman Ji request for the other Worriors to come Leela spot, yet, Next Das feeled "Sorry" and told to Hanuman Ji that, " Das is helpless, no one can be allowed here. Please listion to me, that only three great souls are allowed for stay on Leela-Place, Lord shri Rama, Lord Shri Krishna and Lord Shri Hanuman ji." Rohtas ji started his continuously and restless Leela after saying like this.
               There was a very overwhelming and Astonished setting and take strongly positon situated with a divine Platform like "Hatha" by The Almighty God, and there was only one way for Devils and Evils from Leela- Place ( Like-Ram-Satu ) to  Narak Loka. Rohtas was ready with Sword in his right hand. There was great divine Exroni Army with great warriors binded with long chain circulating, from Leela-place, to Nark-Loka and then returned to Leela Place. First of all a devil came at 8-00 am, Rohtas amputated him from neck with sword at once quickly and requested for throw in Nark Loka after sliting, and divided his head in four pieces and then suggested to warrior for locked those pieces in four Nurk-Kunds.Then came second he also slited and send to Narak Loka. Now, one by one un-limited evil creatures, means Devil distructed by Rohtas. Lord Shri Rama, Lord Shri Krishana and Lord Shri Hanumana Ji, were very Wonder to look- upon this Leela. They were very heapy and discussed with each other about Rohtas's avatar Leela. Hanuman Ji was very heapy and jumped again and again joyfully. He interested to ask something but Lord Rama said to be Quiet. All evil creatures distructed with sword by Rohtas, which came in his knowledge till the last time of Leela. It was the great victory of Humanity of The Almighty God "God" on evill creatures and Devils. Rohtas Ji was satisfied now, after his towenty-four hourse continous Sword Leela.
                 Now Das was wellcomed by Dev's Kanyas with Silver-Thals in their both Hands, with divine Flowers and Divine candle Lights.  All these Kanyas were in their white dress, standing in a que at the Leela Spot. After some time these divine Gandharve Kanyas, start to Play their Mangalam Dance with sweet Manglum Gaan and Divine Sweet Spiritual Song, threwing flowers with heappyness, in their light green dress joyfully.
                 Next day also Rohtas Ji slited some evil creatures and third day also some Devil distructed by Rohtas and now there was no more evil creatures in this peaceful and beautiful Shristi. May God bless to all of us with His Divine Leela and Peace in the Shristi.
                The above divine Leela is only Spiritual self divine realization, which can be realized only in the Spiritual divine inner World, in internal divine universe by a divya purush, a Yogi purush or a Avatari Purush only in this wonderful World.

                " This beautiful DIVINE LEELA is a self divine realization being introverted during meditation in internal divine universe by Das Rohtas."
       Spiritual Truth

                * Om Shanti Shanti Om *
                           Das Anudas Rohtas 

                                   Das Anudas Supremo Rohtas

Sunday, August 4, 2013


      * Geometrically Systematic And
Automatic Shristi Chakra *
           The Creation of this beautiful Shristi is complitally Divine, Original, Scientific, Computerise, automatically and systematically, wonderful creation. Das wants to explain geometrically, about creation of  the shristi with the help of this beautiful image. This divine image drawing by Das Anuds first of all in his Spiritual life in1988. All Shristies are systematcally originated one by one and look very beautiful it may be greater or suksham.

Origion Of The Shristi
             After millions of years of Mahaparlaya there appeared automatically great Squally air and Sonami flow rounding here and there very speedily in the open Universe.  It became the reason of great Black Hole (Bhanwar) and then there was a great Blast in deep of the  this Black Hole. Suddenly there appeared automatically a great white light and run out quickly from the Hole. After some time it convert and settaled as in a Glaxy's Form, which became the cause of automatic origin of the Shristi. It is a True realization during meditation in internal divine universe at 7-00pm on 10-8-2013. Perheps it may be heppened similarly again and again after Yuge,Yuganter, after millions of year in universe.

  Shristi Malakar Hay,
        Sootra  Ram  Ashok,
            Sabhi Piroy Sobhtey,
                Ismay Sunder  Loak.
                                "Leela Ram"
                                Das Anudas Rohtas

                          * Shristi *

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

* True Devotee Of God *

   "True Devotee of God Yuge Yuge" 
          A True devotee of God is always ready, surrender himself to God. The Supreme power is going to take devotional test of His true devotee in this divine image during meditation at 8-00 A.M., on 31-10-94. True devotee of The God is going to put-up his  divine head of Shuksham divine body to Divine Supreme power"The God"in divine form of Lion during meditation.

                             Das Anudas
                             True Devotee of God


         " True Worship Of God " 
               The Almighty God  wanted to show His Beautiful Divine Leela to  True Devotee of God, through this beautiful image, During Das meditation, at 1-30am on 22-2-95, in this yuge Kal-Yuge in the World. There was a great divine light  in Das bad room. In this divine image all qualities are Divine. "Daya Dharam ka Mool hay " So Rohtas wented to serve Goat here from angry Loin. " "Kindness is the fruit of Spirituality."
0. Chettan Sarira (Invisible Divine   Sarira
1. The Almight God
2. Devotee Rohtas
3. Divine Power ( Divine Loin )
4. Holy Soul ( Poor Goat )
5 .Shuksham Divine Body of Rohtas
         (In standing position for serve).
                   All these divine powers appeared at once in Das's badroom in Their Original Divine Form during meditation.
                                         Spiritual Truth
                                                                                                           Das Anudas
                                                                                                           Avtari Purush Rohtas
                                                  AVATAR  LEELA

Friday, July 19, 2013

* Incarnation of The God * God is God - There can be no any other God *

  " Why God wants to become incarnate in the World ? "
             In my vew God is God, God is One and there can be no any other God. The God is a Supreme Divine Power,Soupreme Divine Soul, Holly Spirit,Suksham Bindh, Dot, "NIRAKARA" , Chettan-Tatav. But a human being is the creation of both Chettan+Nature,
(Purush+Prakriti). God is a special automatic, glorious, original divinity and beginingless, endless, immortal, supreme Divine soul. Appearience of the God is completely divine and He can appeared every where in any Form as He wants. When eviles and sins increase on the Earth The God become incarnate on the Earth to distruct all these eviles and sins and constructs peace and truth again and again on the Earth in Shristi. No body can know about the incarnation and appearience of The God in this world. Only the grateful son of God may have some knowledge about the incarnation of The God. When God wants to become
Incarnate in the world He Formated Himself a divine body similar of Him and this divine body have same divine qualities and divine virtues in Him. The God sends this divine body of The Fomated God to take place in the body of a divya purush or a yogi purush in the world. The birth of this divine purush is also according to God since His childhood .
              When a person with the help of long practice of yoga assan kriyas, Pranayam, Nam-yoga and with true worship of God, by deep meditation with conciousness, being thoughtless and stable of mind and meditate on Him, at that time his soul becomes pure and this Holly Soul automaticaly and systematically  attached with Supreme soul and now all divine virtues and divine qualities of the Supreme soul God, becomes incarnate in that Human soul and then he being introvert, can realize all divine activities of God, in his life,
in internal divine universe, during meditation and some time can observes divine realization with his open eyes in this phisical world. But he has no right to be called himself as a God, becase the body of human is mortal, and it will be destroye after death, and Holly Soul is immortal and never die and lieves forever in Shristi.
            Supreme Holly Soul "The God"
becomes incarnate in the world dew to systematically creation of the Shristi, created by The Almighty God and so Tatav joines with similer Tatav.
            So whenever any human's soul becomes virtuousless in the world it attach automatically with supreme soul in moment and that human body become incarnate of The Supreme Soul "God" but it does not mean that he become God. We can say only God's Anshik Avatar. There are some Natural limitations of the human body. He can enjoy divine Leela, divine realizations of the Holly Spirit "The God'" in his life.
             Here are some special divine qualities of God given below:-
1   God is a Divine Origin
2   God is a Divine Glory
3   God is a Divine Holly Soul
4   God is a Divine Supreme Soul
5   God is a Divine Supreme Power
6   God is a Automatic divine Origin
7   God is a Systematic divine Origin
8   God is a Main divine Soul
9   God is a Center Point of the Power
10 God is a divine Dot
11 God is compilitaly divine
12 God is God
13 No one can take place of God
14 God can Formated Himself .
15 God can appeared in moment .
16 God shines like Diamond
17 God is like a divine light
18 God is Chettan pp
19 God is main Tatav
20 God is every where
21 God is biginingless
22 God is Endless
23 God enlightments the World
24 God is the Owner of the Shristi.
25 God is uncomplicated Holly Soul.
              So after knowing all these divine qualities of God, no one can say that man can be God. The God can become incarnate by obtaining a human body in the world.  ******************************
      *  "Now the question is why the almighty God wants to become incarnate in the world and He wants to be a man" ? *
           Yes, Das already explain about it that God do not wants to become incarnate, He never takes birth and neither He wants to be a man. God is completely, systematically, automatic, Glorious, Original, Divine Holly Spirit.
He can formate Himself in any Form as He wants. He can formate Himselfa Form in God, Godess, Dav, Deties,  human and Bird Animal even Natural every thing very well Divinely. So there is no desire of The God to become a man.
    Only a Holly Spirit and virtuousless (Gunateet) body of a great person can become incarnate, automatically and systematically in the world. The God can formate Himself in many kind of Form one time in a moment and can disappeard just at once.

*  Parabh-Jyot  *
           Now here Das wants to explain some divine expiriece and realization of his life which he observes from his childhood since 1963. When Das was only twoelve year old he saw a Divine Light ( Jyot ) which he is realizing  continuously since 1963. But no body knew about it . After some time Das also thought about it that some thing will be heppened in his life. Das take care in 1970, and he also told to his family but all they are innocent about it. In 1975 also I take interest and thought about it but all efforts were useless. I Start Yog assan kriyas, exercises, Surya Namaskar powerly, Pranayam, Pran-Apan and practice in deep meditation, continuously in my life at high leval and attened many Satsung of Nam yoga ( RAM-RAM ) devotionly. In 1978 Das was doing assan yoga kriyas on Karan Park he realize a Divya Movement Activity in his body and he encourage himself and start practice in Yoga and deep meditation regularly.
        After long practice in yoga assan kriyas, exercises and meditation Das feels a sweet Fragrance appearience in his body and some divine Light circulatintg before his Forehead.Then he obtain spiritual Word (Ram-Nam) from a saint Shree Ake- Nam- dave Ji and Shree Prem Ji Maharaj and take more interest in meditation and Nam yoga. Now there come to know him a long divine realization in his life and now he is helpless to explaine, yet Das try to explaine shortly some realizations.
*  Prediction  *
          Once Das Heared a Forecasting that you told peoples what we toled you divinely Now Das became silent.
Das afraide of prediction that it may be wrong with him, so an idiya come to his mind that "Bhagti Me Shakti hay" Das start more deep meditation from 1-00am to 4-00am, early in the morning in his life, and realized the Supreme Soul converting in many Form in internal divine universe like Birds, Animals, Fountain, Snake, Sea, Mountains, and other scenes in the Bhircuti at center place of forehead.
* Amrit-Anandh *
               After long practice and deep
meditation regularly in life, We enjoy Amrit-Ras-Pan. No one can think that it may be posible because it is so  dengerable kriya as to death, dew to wooden yoga kriya (Kast-Sidhi). Now Das feel that his practice in Yoga  (SADHANA) is completed and enjoys in Nam-yoga.
* Kamlam Darshanam *
              Das injoys Sahashar kamlam,
Barham Kamlam and Heart Kamlam during meditation, being introvert.
* Kundanaly Anandh *
                After kindness and blessing by God we can enjoy of Kundanaly- yoga-Assan-Kriya. It is a divine yoga.Kundanaly appeared automatically during meditation from Nabhi kamal.
First of all our divine light appeared and it circulate like Galaxy and then a Divine Light fell down upon the
Nabhi Kamal and at once Kundanaly
stand straightly like a light-made Kobr-Snake and start to go with a SWING very comfortably.
* Divinity *
              A Divine Light come in Das's life during meditation from the sky
like a great PILLAR in1986, at Night.
With the help of divine third eye a yogi purush observe divine Leela during meditation. He observe Dave
Darshan, God and Goddess, Deties Dave and all kinds of Natural sceen
during meditation.There are many Divya purush in the World. But they do not wants to meet with common
person. Being Intovert they know very well about divinity but do not want to explain. Some introvert come to me. One Sanyashi came to me from Das-Nami-Panth in Gokul.One Sanyasi came from Kanshi Ji and One Sanyasi come to from Utranchal. All say that you are a Avatari Purush,we want to tell you. Das thanks, Loves and Pranams to all Sanyasies in this beautiful World.
* Dave Darshan *
      Some Divine Souls of Deties came in my realization during meditation. First of all came a Divine Light of God,  and then"The Sun" who enlightments the whole World and all Loaks with His divine light at night. The Sun take place on the SOFA and stay for few minuts.The God and Godess also realized during meditation.
* Divine Third Eye *
                There are many beautiful divine Loaks spiritualy in this divine Shristi Created by The Almighty God.
Only a Divya Purush or Yogi Purush or a Avatari Purush can observe to them, with the help of Divine Third Eye, and can reach to them, with the help of divine body. There are many kinds of divine body which are given
below :-
1. Nirakara ( Chettan )
2. Karan Sarira
3. Shuksham Sarira

4. Sathul Sarira
5. Jyotirmaya Sarira
6. Parkashmaya Sarira
         With the help of these Sarires avatari purush can success to reach the target of His life, and can go to all divine loaks.
* Divine Loaks *
                  There are some beautiful divine Loaks given below.:-
1. Akash Loak       ( Surya Loak )
2. Savarga Loak    ( Inder Loak )
3. Bakunth Loak ( Vishnu Loak )
4. Shiva Loak       ( Kailas Dham )
5. Supreme Loak (Param Dham )
                               ( Sat Loak )
6. Yam Loak        (Dharam raj Dham)
7. Maya Loak     ( yog maya Dham, Narak lok )
8.   Earth Loak 
9.   Patal Losk
10. Naag Loak
11. Mani Loak
12. Varun Loak
13. Rash Loak
14. Rashal Loak
                      All these Divine Loaks are very attractive, Charming and beautiful in the Shristi. Das went in all these divine loaks and meet with  the owner (Swamies) of all these Loaks. All they gave response to me and guided me and blessed me divinly.
* Fight between Das and Datya *
                 There was a grat divine fight between Das and Datya, in internal divine univetse. Datya was in the divine form of a Daynasore with a bigest body than million of sun and his eyes was as big as sun. Das enter in the body of Datya's divine body as a Dayanasore and "TEER" his body very badly with hand and killed him.
* Divine Battle *
                   Once there was a great battle between Das and Datyas named Rakta-Beese and other Datyas in internal divine universe.Das quarle with Datya. A Bright Sword was in the right hand of Das and he killed all datyas (rakshas) in this battle.
* Divine Compitition *
             There was a great compitition
between Das and Datya (Rakshas) for "Sudershna-Chakra". Both were in there divine bodies. Datya was in the form of a Tortoies and he ran in the speed of Rocket in internal divine universe and Das also ran very speedly and catch-up the Sudarshna- Chaker and take on it at the right hand's first Finger very quickly, and like this save the Shristi.
*  Divine Voice  *
             During meditation some divine voice heared to me of every Yuge by saying like this.:-
1. Sat-Yuge  " Rohtas Bhagat Ki Jai Ho"
                            ( By Divine Huns )
2. Tritya-Yuge   " Babu  Ji "
                            ( By Divine Garudh )
3. Dwapar-Yuge " Aye Tat "
                            ( For Lord Krishna )
4. kal-Yuge         " Om Ram Hare "
                            ( By  Lord  Shiva )
              Human soul is a very  uncomplicated soul and able to know about The God, deeply, spiritualy, divinely, and phyisicaly in the world. Only a man can worship and meditate on Supreme Soul,"The God," Systematically. Supreme Power incarnated in the pasture time in many kinds of body of the animal also like Lion, Ant, Fish, Tortoise, Pig, ect, Historically. But mainly, The Supreme God Supreme Holy Soul, never become incarnate only "The formated God" whom God Himself formated simalarlly of Him, become incarnate for join with holy Soul in Shristi. Main Supreme power, Supreme soul, Holy Soul, Nirakara, The God, is One. Mostly whenever supreme soul incarnates He select the body of a uncomplicated, strongest and Virtousless man for play His divine role in the Spiritual World.
            Supreme Soul  incarnates in a Virtuousless ( Gunateet ) body it may be body of  Man, Bird, or any animal, among of Thal-Char, Nabh-Char or Jal-Char, dew to systematically creation of the Shristi,created by ,"The God". Only a Divya purush or Avatari Purush know that how Supreme soul appeared any where with the help of these Creatures, and how He play divine role after becoming incarnate in the Shristi to achieve the divine gole in Spirituality to reach, seek and refuge in Him .
               The Supreme Soul, The Formated God become Man. Whenever evils and sins increase on the Earth,The Formated God become incarnate at that time,in the world, so as to destruct all these evils and constructs, Religion, Truth and peace again and again in this beautiful Shristi.The God become incarnate of the Man in every Yuge.
                  In Tritya-Yuge Lord Shree Rama, In Dwapar-Yuge Lord Shree Krishna and  In the present Yuge, Kal-Yuge also same Supreme Holy Soul become incarnate in the form of a Man" Manusham-Roopam."
                               Das Anudas
                               God's Anshik Avatar
                               Shree Rohtas


Sunday, July 14, 2013


                             " The God is God "
                   *The Almighty God is immortal*
        *God is the main source of energy in Shristi*
         The God is compilitaly divine and Supreme divine soul, Supreme divine power and Supreme divine Tatav, Holly Spirit, Nirakara and Supreme divine Light, Who enlightment the whole World, Universe and this beautiful Shristi, with His divine Light. God is Parmannandh, God is happiness God is peace spiritually. The Almighty God live in the shristi till Mahaparlaya. We can seek and reach to Him only by deep and true devotional meditation being an introvert. God is Original Divinity and Glorious and Special divine quality in Tatav. There is  a very beautiful divine image of the appearience of The Almighty God which I observed during meditation in 1991in internal divine Universe, given below.
               Universal truth & Spiritual realization.
                                                                                                                 Das Anudas
                                                                                                                 Gunateet Rohtas
                           " The Almighty God's Image "
                                     * THE GOD *


Wednesday, July 10, 2013


                                 *  The  God  *
                      *  All In One & One In All  *
                There are many divine Forms of Supreme divine power in Shristi all over the Universe, but " Nirakara " The Supreme God is main divine Power, main divine soul, main divine " Tatav " in  the this Spiritual World.
Divine Forms of God:-
1. The Supreme God" The God "
2. The God of Viveka, Divine Ring,
     Divine power, Shakti, (Goddess-
     Radhe and Mother Mary).
3. The Formated God .
4. The Almighty  God.
5. The Tri-Dave God ( Tri-Murti )
6. The Adhi-Dave God ( Mumukshu )
7. The God Primal person (Narayana)
8. The Anshik God Lord Brahma
9. The Anshik God Lord Vishnu
10.The Anshik God Lord Shiva
11The God Jyot-Savroop (Parabh-Jyot)
                  God is one and all these divine forms of God are " All In One " realized separatly, divinaly and spiritualy during meditation in life  and then explained in the web with the help of a divine images given below.
        " Shristi Malakar hey,
                Shutra  Ram Asoka.
                    Sabhi Piroy Sobhtey,
                       Ismey Sundher Loaks." 
                                                                                                                                 Das Anudas
                                                                                                                               God's Anshik Avatar
                                                                                                                                Lord Rohtas
               ********  Om Ram Hare  ********
                        The Almighty God


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


                *Appearance Of The Formatted God*                  
 *      * *      *
                 Latest Global Divine Realization about the appearance of The Almighty God," GOD " during meditation in internal divine universe at 9-30 am on 8-7-2013. First of all main Supreme divine power Like Diamond appeared and after some time a duplicate copy of the original TATAV there appeared second Tatav in same size same color named The Formatted God, which stay for few minutes in internal divine universe and rejoin Himself in original Tatav and disappeared. I observed this divine Leela very clearly in internal divine universe near about 30 minutes during standing meditation before Shree Adhishthan Ji. This divine Leela we showing with the help of this image giving below:-

Das Anudas Rohtas

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Incarnation Of The Almighty God "GOD"

              The Almighty God, "God" has become incarnate in the world.  We should believe in God, Trust in God, and Faith in God, and pray to God for peace, in the world.
  The God has made us;
        " LET   US     REJOIC "
            &  be  glad  with Him
                &  by meditating on Him,
                    seek and refuge  in  Him.
                                                                                                             Das Anudas Rohtas

Friday, July 5, 2013

* Appearience Of Lord Vishnu *

                                                          * Lord   Vishnu    Roopam *
                                                          *  Sudershanam  Chakram  *
                                                          * Aadhi Shakti Aye Nsmah *
         Lord Vishnu is the main power of God Tridave " Trimurti " honoured by all over the wonderful World and in this beautiful Shristi. Lord Vishnu is the owner of main divine power "Shudershan Chakeram". Shudershan Chaker is the main divine power of The Almighty God.
          Shristi is very sistematiculy and beautiful creation, created by The Almighty God, and after passed millions of years, when Supreme Power, The Almighty God, wants to become incarnate in the world, first He sends down His main Divine Power,"Sudershan Chaker" in Shristi, through this Universe very speedly and powerly between His True Devotees. Only a true Devotee of God, who meditate on Himcontineuously and seek and refuge in Him, with fast determination,can hold this Divine Supreme Power, Shudershan Chaker, only after kindness and blessing by God, in this world and in Universe ,He may be Divya Purush,Dave or Datya. In present Yuge,"Kal-Yuger" we observe the Leela of this Divine Power of Lord Vishnu's "Sudershan Chaker" in Internal Divine Universe at 9-45 am, on 3-7-1992. There was a great compitition between true devotee of God and a Datya, but victory was in the first finger on right hand of true devotee of the God.
            According to me, The AlmightyGod in every Yuge heartly wants that, this main divine power" Power of Vijaya Shree " Shudershan Chakeram, may be hand-over to a 'True Devotee of God'. He may be Divya-Purush, Yogi-Purush or a Avatari-Purush; Spiritualy, in the world.
              Sudershan-Chaker is the main Divine Supreme Power of The Almighty God "God" in all Loaks, in the Shristi.  With the help of this divine  power,  Which can appeared in any form as He wants in the world at every where. Only a true devotee of God after kindness and blessing by God, can realize this Divine-Leela, of this divine power"Sudershan Chaker" during meditation in internal divine Universe, only at the exsect time of the appearience, of this divine supreme power "Sudershan-Chskera" in this beautiful Shristi.
                                                                                                  True Devotee of God
                                                                                                   Das Anudas Shree Rohtas
            * God Is God *

Thursday, July 4, 2013

* Appearience Of Lord Shiva *

            Dave Adhi Dave Lord Shiva is the great God among of God-Tridave, (Tri-Trimurti). He is the God of the Peace in Shristi in Hinduism.
              Lord Shiva appeared during meditation many time in my life. Once they appeared at 9am on 16-1-95, and I realized Him in meditation.Next they come to me at night when I was laying down on my Bed in the position of maditation (Dhyan-Yoga) and Lord Shiva appeared with There Body - Gard. First of all, His body Gard like Nar-Kankal ext come to me in meditation then Lord Shiva personly appeared and inspectioned to me very well and disappeared. Once Lord Shiva appeared in Attal-Park Karnak and they seated with me on Padam Assan and stay with me and maditate with me for some time and after then disappeared. I observe it only in meditation (Dhyan-Yoga).
                                                                                                             Das Anudas Rohtas

Bhagti, Maya, Shakti, Power by Devotion

                  *  SHIVA BHAGTI  *

                After a long prectice, siting on Bhukut Assan yoga Kriya, Padam Assan yoga kirya and Shidh Assan Yoga Kriya with the help of Namyoga, (Bhakti-Yoga) for long period prectice, continuously and spiritualy, with conciousness, by deep maditation without any attachment to Natural Virtues, being thoughtless and stable  mind, a devotee can be sucess to reach and achive this great attitude, devotionly, in his life. He can seek and realize Shakti, a Divine Power, Divine Light of God, in his life, and it is called Shiva-Bhgati, and then Lord Shiva can appeared joyfully and bless the true devotee of God.
           In this image we want to show the appearience of the Divine Power, a Divine Light, during meditation in the life of a true devotee of God.
                                                                               True Devotee of God

                    Das Anudas Rohtas

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rohtasa Brahm Kamalam Realization

 Appearience of Lord Shree Brahma ji

              There is great importence of Divine Brahm Kamal in Hinduism. Lord Shree Brahma Ji is the first Hindu's God, " God Tri-Dave " (Trimurti). Tri-dave consists of three Gods, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Mahesha. Lord Shree Brahma Ji Is the Only one God, Who is the creator of this beautiful Shristi and of this wonderful Universe There is only one Temple of Lord Shree Brahma ji in this World, near City Ajmer, a very famous Hindu's Tirath "Pushkar Ji".
             According to me Lord Shree Brahama Ji also appeared from this beautiful Divine Brahm Kamal, situated in the Nabhi of, The Formated God, Dave-Adhi-Dave, premal person "Narayana". The Almighty God "God", Himself created this divine Form of the body of, The Formated God, which is showing in this beautiful divine image. Because Lord Shree Brahma Ji appeared in this divine flower, so this flower is named, "BRAHM KAMAL".  This beautiful divine image of Dlvine Brahm Kamal is my personal realization, which I realized at 7-00 am, on 7-10-1991, during meditation when I was taking my bath in the morning .
                                                                                                        Das Anudas
                                                                                              Barhm Gyani Rohtas

Monday, June 17, 2013

* Meaning Of Kalki Avatar In Kal-Yuge *

                              Meaning of Kalki
 In Hinduism in the honour of Lord Shree Kalki Avatar has many kinds of meaning given below :--
------------Kalki = Kaal + Key -----------
--------------   Key of Kaal ----------------
1. Kal  --  Machine ( Purja, metal )
2. Kal  --  Kaal  ( Maha-kal )
3. Kal  --  Time ( Vakat ) period
4. Kal  --  Yesterday(Future)Tomorrow
5. Kal  --  Kla ( Art )
6. Kal  --  Kal (Normaly People say I
     know the kal of that person) Nabaj
7. Kal  -- Raj, main Secret, knowledge, Qualities, virtue, Realization,(Bodh)
8. Kal  --  Kala ( Black )
Kalyug -- Kaal-Yug ( Maha Kaal Yug )
1. Kalyug - Yug of man of machine
2. Kalyug - Yug of Machine (Metal)
3. Kalyug - Yug of Sword
4. Kalyug - Yug of Mahakal                   
5. Kalyug - Yug of the End
6. Kalyug - Yug of Blackness(Peaceful)
7. Kalyug - Kaleh (klesh) ka yug
Avatar :--Avtarit Power (Incarnation of Supreme divine power)
                So it means the incarnated Supreme Divine Power, Supreme Divine Soul who will become-incarnate in future for the Divine Key of Maha- Kaal, the Key of realization Secrecy, Raj- yog of the Divine Supreme Power, Supreme State, Supreme Soul "NIRAKARA", The Almighty God,"GOD" which can be available only after kindness and blessing by God in this Yuge, Kaal-Yuge,Yug of Machine,"The Yug of Mahakaal" will be called by name  as "Lord Shree Kalki-Avatar".
          Million years of ago, from the pasture time, the Divine Spiritual Soul, like Yogi purush, Divya purush, avatari purush and Saints, realized divine activities of The Almighty God and Goddess with the help of Divinity in Sat-Yuga. In Tritya-yuge also realized the same kinds of divine activities by the great divine Spiritual Souls. Right like those yuga's, in Dawaper- yug, also realized divine spiritual Souls in the world, and The Almighty God Lord Vishnu's Avatar, Lord Shree Krishna, became incarnate in Dwapar- yuge.
          We come to know after study
some Indian Spiritual Litreture like in Vishnu- Puran and Shiva- Puran, about, Great Incarnaion, Lord Shree Kalki Avatar, that, Lord Shree Krishna will become re- incarnate in the world, and He will appeared in India and will constuct Truth and Peace in the world, in Kal-Yuge and that, He will be the end of the world, and of this beautiful Shristi.
  * Some people ask that, "what does you mean about Kalki Avatar"? *
                In my vew if we want to know about kalki Avatar then :---
1. There should be Faith in God.
2. There should be self confidence.
3. There should be fast determination
4. There should be personal spiritual divine knowledge and Self realization, about Supreme Divine Power, Supreme Soul, Shuksam Bindh," Tatav."
                         Value of Self Realization
                 Then we can realize Spiritual Supreme Divine Power, param Tatav, Supreme Souls of The Almighty God and Goddess, during meditation in internal divine Universe and also in external universe in present yuge, Kal Yuge with living in consiousness and being stable of mind after kindness and blessing by God only.
                Only on the behalf of giving these true personal divine realization of, "Spiritual Supreme divine Soul's  qualities, Divine Virtues", we can say that, Who will become real re- incarnate of the Divine Supreme Power "The Almighty God, Lord Vishnu's Anshik Avatar in the present yuge, Kal-Yuge. He may be Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Kalki or any other Great Divine Soul, Great purush, Divya Purush, Yogi Purush,  Avatari Purush or " Adhi-Purush " in the World, in this beautiful Shristi.
           Infact The Almighty God has become re-incarnate and appeared in His original-Saral-Sakar-Roop ( Form ), "Manusham-Roopam" in India.
                   Spiritual Truth
      If we believe at this quotation:-
* Jera Bharmandey, So Hi Pindey *
                Then I am sorry, for latest divine realization, a Great Black Hole image, in yoga- kirya " Turiya "at,9-30 am,on 15-6-2013, during meditation, in internal divine Universe.
                                                                                                                  MAHAKAL PARBHU      

                                          Das Anudas Rohtas

                                               Das Anudas Rohtas

Saturday, June 8, 2013


            There are so many Yog Assan Kriyas in the Spiritual-World, from which some main special divine yoga assan kriyas are explained here, after relization. All these Yog Kriyas are usefull and best in realizing Yog with Divine Supreme power, "God". Yet, In my vew Nishkam-Bhagti-Yog (Nam-Yog) + Meditation-yog ( Dhyan-Yog ) is Serve-Shreist-Yog-Assan-Kriya.
Yoga Kriyas:-
1. Surya Namaskar Yoga
2. Dandwart Surya Namaskar Yoga
3. Pranayam Yoga Kriyas
4. Sham Mohan Kriya
5. Physical Health yoga kriya
6. Meditation Yoga Kriya
7. Meen Kriya( Igla Pigla )
8. Kundalini Yog Kriya
9. Om Anhadh Nadh Kriya
10. Snake Yoga Kriya
11. Sheesh Yoga Kriya
12. Kast Yog Assan Kriyas
13. Amrita Yoga Kriya
14. Par-Brhima Turiya Yoga Kriya
15. Turiya Yoga Kriya
16. Betarni Yoga Kriya
17. Ring Yog Kriya (Viveka Kriya)
18. Akash Bhedan Kriya
19. Viteran Yoga Kriya
20. Loak To Loak Yog Kriya
21. God's Leela Avlokan Kriya
               Only a Nishkam and SelflessYogi Purush, Divya Purush or Avatari Purush can be success in realizing all these above divine yoga assan kriyas in spiritual life.
                                                                                                        Das  Anudas
                                                                                                        God's Anshik Avatar
                                                                                                        Shree  Rohtas
                                *    Jai Sachidhananada   *
                                         Jai Shree Ram


          There are so many qualities of Yoga in the Spiritual World, but some main qualities are given below.
Main kinds of Yoga:-
1. Nishkam Karam Yoga
2. Giyan Yoga (janan Yoga)
3. Nishkam Bhagti Yoga
4. Dhiyan Yoga
5. Nam Yoga
6. Raj Yoga
7. Laya Yoga
8. Hatt Yoga
9. Tap Yoga
10.Light Yoga
11.Raag Yoga
12.Turiya Yoga
13.Kundalini Yoga
14.Internal Yoga
15.External Yoga
16. Dev Darshan Yoga
17.Sudershana yoga
18. Tatav Yoga
19. Param Yoga
20. Mukti Yoga
21. Mox Yoga
Serve Shaktimate Pramatmane Shree Ramaye Namha.
                   *  Jai Shree Ram *

                                                                                                        Das Anudas
                                                                                                        God's Anshik Avatar
                                                                                                        Shree Rohtas.
                                      *  Om Shanti  *

Saturday, May 18, 2013

* Kundalini Awakening Yoga Chakra

             Kundalini Awakening Chakra Yoga
                              Param Hans Rohtas

                     It is very difficult to be stable and focus our mind, Powerly, at  "Tatav" Supreme Soul, a miner divine point, Suksham-Bindh, in internal divine Universe, in Bhirkuti, a central place of our forhead. Only a yogi purush or a divya purush or Avtari purush after kindness and blessing by God, may be success in stabling his mind during deep meditation. It is too difficult,  to death. After stability of mind being conciusnrss we can realized our soul Chakra which I'd call as awakening of Kundiliny Chakra which start circulating from Moolaadhara to Sahsara Kamal. The main divine Kriya of yoga which have great importance in the life of a Yogi Purush.

             Only self-confidence, fast determination and deep meditation may be the " Master-Key ", of our destination to reach, realizing and obeserving, Shuksham Bindh"TATAV" supreme Divine power, Supreme Divine Soul, "NIRAKARA" The Almighty God,"God ".
                                        Das Anudas
                                        Shithirpragya Rohtas

Friday, May 10, 2013


 Mother Mary is Original Divine
Supreme Holy Soul (Holy Spirit) and Glorious Queen of Heaven. She is a divine and spiritual realization during meditation in internal divine Universe,"Param Loka". I hearty convey my 'Pranam' and Love to our Honorable, worshiped and respected Holy virgin Mother,"Mother Mary" and meditate on Her.
                               Your's Grateful Son

Sunday, May 5, 2013


          Param Tatav Leela is Param Jyot
Leela, "Avval-Allah-Noor-Leela" and Param Jyot Leela is, Param's Sakar-Roop Ras Leela. All these Leelas are Original Divine appearience of Tatav and Anshik - Tatavs which are completely supreme Divine -Tatav's -Leela, like  as :-
!  Param -Tatav - Leela, (Parabh-Jyot-Leela).
!! Param-Jyot-Leela(Avval-Noor-Leela).
!!! The Almighty God-Leela.
!!!! Param-Sakar-Jyot-Savroop-Tatav-Ras-Leela.              Which can observed by a divya purush, yogi purush or an avatari purush, during meditation,in internal divine Universe, in "Param Loak".
                            Param Kirpa Patra
                            Das Anudas Rohtas

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Incarnation Of The Almighty God " GOD "

                The Almighty God," GOD ", Supreme Power, Supreme Soul, Chettan-Tatav, "TATAV","NIRAKARA",has become re - incarnate in His original Divine Form Shuksham Bind, as a DOT, like Brillient Star in Param Loak, in internal divine Universe and "Lord Vishnu's, Anshik-Avatar" as Maha-Avatar in this beautiful and wonderful Shristi at present in this Yuge, Kal-Yuge.
* Spiritual realization in meditation *
                                                                                                            The Almighty God's,
                                                                                                            Anshik - Avatar,
                                                                                                            Shree Rohtas.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


                      Observation and realization of Param Tatsv's Divine- Sakar- Param- Ras- Leela, by "CHETAN-TATAV, SUPREME TATAV ", SUPREME POWER ( Power of Viveka, RING ) and Divine Anshik Tatavs in There Holy divine Forms, SAKAR-ROOPS, During meditation in internal Divine Universe, a peaceful Param-Dham, " Param Loak "
                                                                                                  Das Anudas Rohtas                                                            


Param tatav Leela and Param Ras Leela
In Internal Divine Universe,”param Loak”

                      IN  Dawapar- Yuge, Lord Vishnu’s Avatar, Lord Shree Krishna, become incarnate of PARAM TATAV,as” PARAM- AVATAR”. He was the real  Incarnation of Param- Tatav, and Shree Radhe Rani was the incarnation of the real Suprime Power a special divine power of PARAM-TATAV,( Param Shakt), a  “POWER OF VIVEKA”  and some Gopnies were the real incarnation of Divine- Anshik-Tatavs  also. All these Param -Tatav and Anshik Divine Tatavs and Tatav of Viveka are “ HOLY-TATAV ” and they appeared divinally at the same time and situated automatically, only in this divine “Param- Holy- Loak ” and They play, and enjoy  together a  divine, PARAM- RAS- LEELA , only in Internal Divine Universe. Because all these Tatavs are completally divine, so they can Formatted Himself in any Form, (Divya-Roop ) as They want.
!  Lord Shree Krishna was the incarnation of PARAM – TATAV.
!! Shree Radhe Rani was the incarnation of PARAM – POWER – VIVEKA ( PARAM-SHAKTI ).
!!! Goddess Gopnies were the incarnation of DIVINE – ANSHIK – TATAVS.
                       In Dawapar-Yuge all these Param –Tatav, Tatav of Viveka and all these Divine- Anshik-Tatavs  play together with each other and get enjoy in there original Divine Forms,” Sakar- Roops ”, a Divine-Param- Ras-Leela in Internal Divine Universe, Param Loak, only, which showing in the above images. Param -Rishi –Shree- Ved -Vayash - Ji - Maharaj also explained about this divine observation and realization of  PARAM- RAS- LEELA, in DAWAPAR -YUGE in the Historical Book ,” Shree- Mad-Bhagwat-Puran.” Only after kindness and blessing by The Almighty God, ”GOD”,  a true devotee of God, Divya  Purush,Yogi  Purush or an Avtari Purush can observes and realizes this wonderful Divine Param Ras Leela of Param Tatav a Param Holy Soul ,”The Almighty God”  being an introvert living in consciousness , being stable of mind, only in internal divine universe, in Param Loak or in Holy Param Dham, situated in the midst into our Bhirkuti on Forhead only of a Divya - Purush, or an Avatari Purush, in this beautiful  Shristi.
                     Here I want to explain that “ The Almighty God “ Lord Vishnu’s Avatar,” Lord Shree Krishna” in Dawaper Yuge, in His sweet Song of Shree  Mad- Bhagwat- Gita explain in chapter - 4 th,  Sloka -9 , that His birth and activities are totally Divine. He who knows this in reality, does not take birth again on leaving his body and after surching, seeking and refuge , he attains to Me. Further, He also mentioned in Sloka -7 th and -8 th, that whenever evils and sins increase on this EARTH, in this beautiful Shristi, I become incarnate here for the protection of the Virtues and for the distruction of evil-doors, evil creatures and for establishing religion ( Dharma ), truth and peace, again and again.  Now it seems that The Almighty God ,” Lord Vishnu’s Avatar ” Lord Shree Krishna has become re-incarnate and appeared in His original Form (Divya-Roop) ,” MANUSHAM-ROOPAM “ between us, in this beautiful  Shristi, and we should try to reach and search of Him,” Lord Shri Krishna “.
                       Yet we should seek and refuge in the original Divine Form “ NIRAKARA” of  Param Tatav, Supreme Power , Supreme Holy Soul,  Supreme Stat, The Almighty God,” GOD “ and refuge in Him, the Primal- Person ( NARAYANA ) and should meditate on Him.                                                   
 Universal Truth and Spiritual realization.
                                                                                                                                Das Anudas
 Avtari Purush Rohtas