Wednesday, September 4, 2013


             * Rohtas Leela Darshana *
                  There appeared so many Avatar in this beautiful Shristi and take place in every Yuge. In Satyuge Raja Shri Harish Chandera, Vishava  Mitter and Shree Rohtas Ji, in Tritya Yuge, Raja Shri Ram Chandera ji, Shri Luxmana ji and Shri Hanuman ji, In Dwaper Yuge, Lord Shri Krishna, shri Balram ji, and Shree Rohtas Ji son of Shri Raja Mordhavaj ji. In the present Yuge, Kal-Yuge, Incarnation for Suprime Divine power Nirakara, Anshik Tatav's Maha-Avatar, Shri Rohtas ji, is going to show His, Divine Maha-Avatar- Leela, in the presence of Lord Shri Rama, Lord Shri Krishna in His Bal-Roop and Lord Shri Hanuman ji with His Vannar-Sena, at 8-00 am, on 1-9-2013.
                   Shri Hanuman ji suggested to Das here that Shree Jam-Vant Ji, Nal, Nill, and other worriors and many soldgers were also waiting and standing there for joined this Great Leela with us. Das told to Shree Hanuman Ji that He knew very well about them and already observed them, and suggested to them that they should be ready and gathered,  powerfully and forcely at some distence, in half round Que silently, from the Leela spot and wait for the moment, which may not be heapened. Hanuman Ji request for the other Worriors to come Leela spot, yet, Next Das feeled "Sorry" and told to Hanuman Ji that, " Das is helpless, no one can be allowed here. Please listion to me, that only three great souls are allowed for stay on Leela-Place, Lord shri Rama, Lord Shri Krishna and Lord Shri Hanuman ji." Rohtas ji started his continuously and restless Leela after saying like this.
               There was a very overwhelming and Astonished setting and take strongly positon situated with a divine Platform like "Hatha" by The Almighty God, and there was only one way for Devils and Evils from Leela- Place ( Like-Ram-Satu ) to  Narak Loka. Rohtas was ready with Sword in his right hand. There was great divine Exroni Army with great warriors binded with long chain circulating, from Leela-place, to Nark-Loka and then returned to Leela Place. First of all a devil came at 8-00 am, Rohtas amputated him from neck with sword at once quickly and requested for throw in Nark Loka after sliting, and divided his head in four pieces and then suggested to warrior for locked those pieces in four Nurk-Kunds.Then came second he also slited and send to Narak Loka. Now, one by one un-limited evil creatures, means Devil distructed by Rohtas. Lord Shri Rama, Lord Shri Krishana and Lord Shri Hanumana Ji, were very Wonder to look- upon this Leela. They were very heapy and discussed with each other about Rohtas's avatar Leela. Hanuman Ji was very heapy and jumped again and again joyfully. He interested to ask something but Lord Rama said to be Quiet. All evil creatures distructed with sword by Rohtas, which came in his knowledge till the last time of Leela. It was the great victory of Humanity of The Almighty God "God" on evill creatures and Devils. Rohtas Ji was satisfied now, after his towenty-four hourse continous Sword Leela.
                 Now Das was wellcomed by Dev's Kanyas with Silver-Thals in their both Hands, with divine Flowers and Divine candle Lights.  All these Kanyas were in their white dress, standing in a que at the Leela Spot. After some time these divine Gandharve Kanyas, start to Play their Mangalam Dance with sweet Manglum Gaan and Divine Sweet Spiritual Song, threwing flowers with heappyness, in their light green dress joyfully.
                 Next day also Rohtas Ji slited some evil creatures and third day also some Devil distructed by Rohtas and now there was no more evil creatures in this peaceful and beautiful Shristi. May God bless to all of us with His Divine Leela and Peace in the Shristi.
                The above divine Leela is only Spiritual self divine realization, which can be realized only in the Spiritual divine inner World, in internal divine universe by a divya purush, a Yogi purush or a Avatari Purush only in this wonderful World.

                " This beautiful DIVINE LEELA is a self divine realization being introverted during meditation in internal divine universe by Das Rohtas."
       Spiritual Truth

                * Om Shanti Shanti Om *
                           Das Anudas Rohtas 

                                   Das Anudas Supremo Rohtas

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