Friday, January 10, 2014

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  1. Lord Vishnu as the Supersoul is the Ultimate Goal during Meditation

  2. Respected Sir, yes, no doubt, Lord Vishnu is The Suprime Soul, yet Lord Vishnu has become incarnate in the World and appeared also in His Divine Form, "Manusham-Roopam".
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    Das Rohtas

  3. avajananti mam mudha
    manushim tanum asritam
    param bhavam ajananto
    mama bhuta-mahesvaram

    avajananti -- deride; mam -- Me; mudhah -- foolish men; manushim -- in a human form; tanum -- a body; asritam -- assuming; param -- transcendental; bhavam -- nature; ajanantah -- not knowing; mama -- My; bhuta -- of everything that be; maha-isvaram -- the supreme proprietor.

    Fools deride Me when I descend in the human form. They do not know My transcendental nature as the Supreme Lord of all that be.

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    2. Respected Sir, In my vew, It seems that Lord Vishnu has become incrnate or reincarnate in the world. Please to know more open and go deeply into this divine image og " The Almighty God ".

      When Lord Vishnu`s Avatar Lord Krishna become incarnate in the world in Dawapar- Yuge, at that time also some innosense and foolish person did not know about Him that He was The Lord of creation and about His divinity and Supreme Nature.They think low of Him that He appeared from human`s Garb through His Yogamaya for the deliverance of the world to be an ordinory mortle like an ordinory person.
      Those who know Him supremly and divinly they can observe Him in His Nirakara and Sakar Form. Only a great divine and yogi purush being an introvert with his non-violence in thought word and deed, truthfulness and geniality of speach, anger even on provocation, kindnessto all creatures, purity of heart fast determination and constant absorption of mind to search and realize Him, with true worship of God," Nirakara " by deep meditation without any attechment to Natural virtues with streightness,being thoughtless and stable mind, can observe and attain the realization of God in life.
      Das Rohtas