Friday, December 26, 2014

* Rohtas Yoga Darshna *

                    ROHTASA YOGA DARSHANA

                             Das Anudas Rohtas


Saturday, October 25, 2014


           * Wonderful Changing *
            latest & Wonderful global divine realization during standing meditation in internal divine universe at 8-30 am, on 25-10-2014 is, one plenet looking like Sun ,moving down and after few minuts it change his position in two things "Ring & Miner sun in it" showing in this beautiful image.

                                           Das Rohtas

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thursday, July 31, 2014




                                DAS ANUDAS ROHTAS


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


      Special Quality For A Avtari Purush

                When a True Devotee of God worships God with long prectice of yoga Assan kriya, in "VIVEKA" being consciousness and thoughtless by deep meditation without any attachment to Natural Virtues, being stable of mind and becomes 'senseless and silent in devotion' and virtueless is called "GUNATEET", at that time our Soul becomes Holy and then at once very quickly that Holy Soul auotometiculy yogs, (+) , attech with Supreme Soul, "The Formated God" and then all Divine qualities of the Supreme Soul Come to the ordionary Anshik Soul and now it also becomes completely divine just like the Supreme Soul and after becoming re-incarnate, this divine Soul obtains again his Natural, "Physical body" with all divine qualities in him, only after kindness and blessing by God and then that human's body cald as a Avtari Purush in this beautiful World. No doubt now Supreme Soul's qualities become incarnate in the body of a true devotee of God and that body is cald as a Divya Purush, Yogi Purush and Anshik Avtari Purush in the world and now we  being introvert search of Him and can divinly realize Him.


                              Das Anudas Rohtas

Monday, July 14, 2014


          Spacial Quqlities For A True Devotee
         After obtaining all these devotional qualities a human can become a true devotee of God, yet, after only kindness and blessing by The Almighty God. There should be Knowledge of Supreme Tatav, TATAV, Knowledge of Divine Supreme Power. Knowledge of Supreme Soul, SOUL. He should be Virtueless. He may be educated person. There should Self Meditation and Self Controlled, Self Discipline, Good Cunduct in his life. Spiritual Person.
Good Relationship
Sweet Speaker
Do Not Be Afraid
Good Chrector
Faith in own culture & Human- being
Good menner
Good behaviare
Sweet lenguage
Good neibourhood
Gentle man
Self Made
Self Knowledge
Stablity of Mind
Self Determination
Self Devotion
Self Prayer
Self Realization
Long prectice in yoga
Fruitless Karam yogi
Fruitless Giyan yogi
Fruitless Bhagti yogi
Fruitless Dhyan yogi
Self yoga & exercises
Self yoga Assan kriyas
Divine yoga kriyas
Doing Social Services
Self Pranayama
Self Thinking
Self Minded
Self Observer
Self Consciousness
Self Competent
Faith on God
Believe in God
Suronder to God
Love to God
Love to Nature
Love to Srishti
Love to all creations created by God
Love his Motherland
Love his country
Love his Colture
Love his Fellow-beings
Love his neighbourers
Love his Parents
Love to childerns
And refuge in Him
Only a soft body has soft mind has a soft heart has a soft Soul,"Tatav".
Broad minded
          When all these qualities, all these virtues, all these senses come in life of a person, no doubt, he may be able to cald as a true devotee of God in this beautiful World.



                             Das Anudas Rohtas

Saturday, June 28, 2014


   Why do bad things happen to good People ?
               Importence Of Karam
                      In Human Life
         Wonderful Srishti is an automatic and systematiculy creation, which created by The Almighty God with the help of two things Purush and Parkarti (SOUL+ NATURE) spiritualy and divinely. Infact spiritualy our Soul is known as a part of Supreme Soul (God) and our body is Suksham-Srishti a part according to the Srishti. The aim of life should be, to know, to seek, to search and to realize personal soul, Supreme soul, God, having no desire for the fruit of actions,"Karams" in life and to know Himself in this Srishti, in this spiritual world. By renouncing the fruit of action, through Karam-yoga, Who destroyed all kind of attachments, desires and fruits, created by the all kind of elements of Nature, by Viveka, (Self-knowledge) can not bind with the effect of actions, and realizes peace and success to reach the aim, being sensestive, to search soul, Supreme Soul and refuges in Him, the the Supreme State, The Almighty God, primal person, "NARAUANA".


1. Soul (Tatav) is Immortal while Nature (Parkarti) is Mortal.
2. Soul is virtueless while Nature is Virtuous.
3. Soul is divine and may be realized being introvert in internal divine universe only by divya purush, While nature can be realized by everyone physicaly in the world.
4. Soul feel no pleasure, no pain, while Nature feel pleasure sorrow and pain .
5. Soul is Holy, while Nature is Impure,
( Unholy) .
6. Soul is one while Nature (parkriti) has connected with main five elements of nature.
7. Soul is Stable while there is great instability in the elements of Nature, because, Changing is the law of Nature.
       * Now the question is why bad thing happen to good people? *

As we know:---
1. Nature is mortal.
2. Nature is perishable.
3. Nature is virtuous.
4. Nature is Flexible.
5. Nature is realizable
6. Nature is distructible

        People are the creation of two things, Purush and Parkariti (Soul+Nature). Soul of people has power to realize the all virtues of Nature. So he can realize the quality of happening bad and good both, dew to results of the actions of the all elements of Nature over soul in his life. "A good people feels good fruit of the great actions, "KARAM" in his life, and after finished the good effects, fruit of good Karams of his life he feels happening bad thing like sorrow and insufficient, in his life dew to excess the fruit of past bad actions by the elements of nature on Holy-Soul in his life. In future he can remove the bad effect of bad actions from his life and soul become uneffected after returning good actions good thoughts good Sanskars renouncing the desire for the fruit of Karams, doing Satya Karams, like Meditation, Sociel- Services, worshipping and Praying to God, devotionly  in his life. Now he can feel good again in future and enjoy in the life. So there is a special role of fruit of actions, "KARAM" in Humen's lieves in all Srishties in the World and like this in the life of people, the cycle of life and breathe, joy and sorrow and the flow of souls remains continuous in the Srishti, till Mahaparlaya."
There is great importence of karam in Spiritual life.
          " Karam Gati Trey Nahi Tarey "
                 " Karmo Ki Gati Nyari "

       * Fruit Of Karams, Never Behind *
                               Das Anudas Rohtas

Monday, June 23, 2014


                   Vishav Roop Darshan
            We observed very clearly the divine Vishav Roop (Form) of The Almighty God, "GOD" during standing meditation in internal divine universe after taking morning bath at 8-40 am, on 23-6-2014 which is showing with the help of a image giving below.


1. When I see with open eyes then I find myself in physical body.
2. When I observed being an introvert in internal divine universe then we enjoy in very speedily motion like a BLACK HOLE with this divine image of Vishav Roop (A wonderful Divine Body) of The Almighty God.

                                  Das Anudas Rohtas

Sunday, June 15, 2014


             Latest Divine Realization
                   V.  V.  IMPORTENT
                      Latest Divine Realization, During worshiping of God and standing meditation in the morning in Internal Divine Universe. It seems that God wants to show through this divine image that The Almighty God is the Creator of the all Tatavs (Souls) "All Suksham Srishties" and Destructor of all the Srishties, which observed very clearly, at 8-30 am, on 15- 6- 2014. All Srishties completely remove in only one minuts. It means ,(The End of the All Srishties is possible only in one minuts like this Divinely) and here remain only Supreme Tatav and Ring,  "Adhi- Deva"(4) which are showing in the image 1. 2. 3. 4. giving below.
                    ( We should worship and  concentrate on Him, and refuge and search of Him, "The Almighty God." Only kindness and blessing by God can remove the sins and evils in our lives, just one minuts and then we can reach our goal the main aim of our Life, in realizing our Soul, Tatav, Supreme Tatav, Dav-Adhidav, "The Almighty God" GOD.)

                       * OM SHANTI *

                                   Das Anudas Rohtas

Thursday, June 12, 2014


            Supreme Tatav's Knowledge
                    " Param Giyan "
          Supreme Tatav and Tatavs are combined with each other systematically and Tatavs circulate around the Supreme Tatav. All Tatavs are Divine and immortal and all alive till Mahaparlaya. Supreme Tatav is the original, The Almighty God " SUPREME GOD " which are showing below in the image.

                               Das Anudas Rohtas

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


                       DIVINE Light
                  Divya Purush can be known with the help of divine light in the world but only Divya purush or avtari purush can observe with their divine eyes and reach to Him. A Divine light appeared in the BHIRKUTI of a Divya purush and he saw the reflected divine image on the sky for few minuts with his open eyes and in Internal Divine Universe also, which is showing with the help of a Image giving below.

                              Das Anudas Rohtas

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Divine Karen Sarira

             There is great importance of the karen Sarira in Spiritual world. Only yogi purush, Divya purush or an Avtari purush can realized and known about the importance of divine knowledge of this divine "Lightmaya Saria". Rohtas Kanwar is realizing this divine light in his life from the age of twelve years, since 1963. Karen Sarira appeared from BHIRKUTI of  the Sathul Sarira and It can move here and there in moment in universe where He wants and returned to the same place. It is like a Light "JYOTE " and spread down divine light which showing with the help of a Image giving below.

                      Das Anudas Rohtas

Friday, June 6, 2014


  Sommohan Yog Assan Kriya

            Sommohan Yog Assan Kriya is  the best divine Yog Assan Kriya and a divine realization only. A Yogi Divya purush can realized it at the time of Sav assan yoga. Which realized after some time of Sav Assan Kriya. Sav Assan Kriya is very useful for a good health, and for stability of mind, peace of mind and for peace of Soul. We can realized Separate our Suksham Sarira, appeared out from Sathul Sarira with the help of Sav Assan Yog Kriya, during meditation being an introvert, only after kindness and blessing by God. That position of the Yoga is caled Sommhoan Yog Assan Kriya.

                             Das Anudas Rohtas

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Divine Realization
            A Divine realization During standing meditation in the morning at 7-30 am, on 5-6-2014, in Internal Divine Universe very clearly.

                             Das Anudas Rohtas

Monday, June 2, 2014


                 Nothing is Permanent


                Nothing is permanent, Inspite of Divine Realization, Of a Soul in Srishti.


                                      Das Anudas Rohtas

Friday, May 30, 2014


             Realization During Meditation

           What a wonderful Seen realized during in standing meditation at 7-30 am on 30-5-2014, during worshiping the Sun (God), in Internal Divine Universe.

                                Das Anudas Rohtas

Friday, May 23, 2014


                     Spiritual Knowledge 
            Here Lord Vishnu's avatar Lord Shree Krishna, in Dwapar Yuge, in His sweet song Shree Madhbhagwadh Gita's chapter-15, wanted to give supreme Divine Knowledge giving the example of a Kalap Tree, "Ashwatha" (PEEPAL) which is said to be imperishable and a divine imagination. The Almighty God, "ADHI"," Dav - Adhidave " Primal Person "NARAYANA"  is the (Mool Adhara) ROOT of this Primal Tree. Lord Shree Barhma Ji is the main Trunk and main Branches, nourished by the three Divine Gunas of "Three Gun Maya Dhari", from Lord Barhma's, Lord Vishnu's and of Lord Shiva and VEDHA are the Leaves of this " Divine World's Form (SRISHTI) LIke the Peepal Tree." All these are immortal. But no body can easily observe and realized it divinely and Tatavikly, the beginning and the end of this divine primal tree. No one can know that How many longer period of Yuge, it may be remain and not realized by any divya or yogi Purush.  Only with fast determination with consciousness a true devotee of God can divinly Imagine with the help of divine "Turiya Yog Kriya " a special divine power of, Lord Shri Par Barhim Parmeshwar and by spiritual divine knowledge who  know about TATAV divinely and by deep meditation without any attechment to Natural virtues like ( Kama, Krodha, lobha, Moha, Proud, and Mind, Kowledge, and Aham-Bhav), being thoughtless and stable  mind.  A true devotee should cuting down this peepal tree with"RING" a divine weapon of "VIVEKA" in meditation and seek that Supreme State "GOD", having reached one never returns, saying,  "I seek and refuge in the Primal Person Narayana  from whom has emanated this beginingless flow of the creation". So one should meditate on Him. We are showing this divine imagination of the Kalap Tree in a Image giving below.


                    Das Anudas Rohtas

Sunday, May 18, 2014


                   " Latest Realization "
                       Latest realization and observation during meditating on Sun at 8-30,am on 15-5-2014, during standing meditation, only in Internal divine universe that there was a " Great Dangerable Calamitous Cyclone " in the surface of the Sun and around of the Sun.

                            Das Anudas Rohtas

Friday, May 2, 2014


                    Divine Realization
                  Divine Realization during meditation on Sidha Assan at 2-00am to 3-00am, on 1-5-2014, in internal divine universe.

! Divine Realization,"VIVEKA"

!! Divine realization "CLOUDY SKY"

!!! Divine Realization,"FIRE"

!!!! Divine Realization,"CYCLONE" 

!!!!! Star in Divine Universe

Das Anudas Rohtas

Thursday, May 1, 2014


             Latest Divine Realization       
                        Latest divine realization at.   8-30am, on 2-5-2014 induring meditation in standing position before Shri Adhisthan in internal divine universe in the midst ,"Bhirkuti".

                                  Das Anudas Rohtas

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


                    Name-Yog - Bhagti-Yog
               There  are many kinds and many way of yoga and meditation in the spiritual world, like, Karam yoga, Giyan yoga, Bhagti yoga, Dhyan yoga, Nam yoga, Tap yoga,Jup yoga, Hut yoga, Laya yoga and Voice yoga etc, on this Holy Earth. But Nam-Yoga, (Bhagti yoga) with " Niskam-Dhyanyoga " is the best, " Servshrist " devotional way of yoga to meditate on The Almighty God in the world. Many great souls, Saints, Yogi Purush and true devotee of God became success in YOG with God and realizing divine Form of  The God in their lives.
          " Kali-Yug Keywal  Name Adhara,
            Sumir Sumir Bhav Utrenhi Para ".
      " Nanak Nam Jahaj hey, Chade So Utrey Paar."

                           * RAM *

       Spiritual Truth.
                    Das Anudas Rohtas


Sunday, April 20, 2014


            Journey By Mari Gold Flower
        A divine jouerney by divine Mari- Gold ( Gaindh's)  flower. Divine body of Suksham Sarira sited on the Mari gold flower we observed it during meditation in Satsungh karnal at 8-40 am, showing in the image.

                      Das Anudas Rohtas

* Divine Realization *

                     " Divine Realization "
           Here is a divine realization during meditation. A Great Divine soul (Divya purush), gave training to my Suksham Srira to fly over with the help of a wooden-Patti in the air, top of the Kailash Pervat.

                                              Das Rohtas

Saturday, April 19, 2014


                        " Lord Shiva "

                 Lord Shiva appeared during meditation and Pranayam in Atal Park Karnal at 8-15, on 8-7-2010, and meditate with me, on Padam Asan, for few minuts presenting in the following image.

                           Das Anudas Rohtas

Thursday, April 17, 2014


            There are many Kinds of 
         divine Forms of Tatav " God "
           There are so many kinds of divine forms of God realized, divinaly and generaly in the Spiritual world. Some of them can expirienced by deep meditation and true devotional Yoga, being introvert with conciousness and stable mind. Which are showing below.
Self-realization has more importance in divinity than knowledge in spiritually.

Kinds of Divine Bodies:--

🌷 जन्म कर्म: च में दिव्यम् एवं यो वेत्ति तत्वतः त्यक्त्वा देहं पुनर जन्म नैति माम् एति सो अर्जुन 🌷

हे अर्जुन, जो मेरे दिव्य स्वरूप और अलौकिक गतिदिव्यों की दिव्य प्रवृतियों को जानता है, वह शरीर छोड़ने पर इस भौतिक संसार में फिर से जन्म नहीं लेता है, बल्कि मेरे शाश्वत निवास Existence of God को प्राप्त होता है।

Lord Shree Krishna says to Arjuna:---
      Hey Arjuna...........
My birth and activities are Divine. Who know me in reality and Tatavikly, does not take birth again and again in this world and after leaving his physical body attained to Me.
            परम स्नेही भग्त जनों, यहां पर रूहानी Discussion हो रहा है।  पीछे हमने भगवान के  दिव्य शरीरों के बारे में जिकर किया था कि आगे चल कर हम आपको इन्हें दर्शाने का प्यास करंगे । सो आज हम प्रभू कृपा के होते हुए  दर्शाने का प्रयास करेंगे।

 " अद्वैत्वम अच्युत्तम अनादिम अनंत-रूपं "
     ब्रहं संहिता-5.33  ...........

.......में कहा गया है कि जब से यह सुन्दर सृष्टि बनी, यहां भगवान के कई रूप व अवतार हुए हैं । यद्धपि भगवान के अनेक रूप हैं, फिर भी वो एक ही परम व्यक्तित्व हैं। * कृपया  ध्यान दें * भगवान के समस्त दिव्य शरीर कर्मश: एक ही परम व्यक्तित्व में अपने आप में पिरोये हुए हैं, जो दिखाई नहीं देते, जो अंतर्मुख होने पर केवल दिव्य नेत्रों द्वारा ही, in I D U में जाकर अनुभव हो सकते हैं। यह सब क्रमश: एक परम कृपा पात्र में पिरोय हुए हैं, अलग- अलग से नहीं ।

" Because it is the matter of Self realization "

" अनुभव की पाठशाला में जो पाठ सीखे जाते हैं वह पुस्तको और विश्वविध्यालयों में नहीं मिलते।"

            अर्थात बुद्धजिवी, दिव्य पुरुष, वि द्धूवान, अनुभवजन्य, दार्शनिक, वैज्ञानिक भी  इन्हें समझने में असमर्थ हैं। इसे तो केवल अनन्य भग्ति कर प्रभू कृपा होने पर भगवान के परम भग्त ही अन्तर्मुख होते हुए, अपने दिव्य ब्रह्माण्ड में, गहराई में जाकर, मन की आंखों से, दिव्य नेत्रों द्वारा ,अनुभव कर सकते हैं। जैसा कि वेदों,  प्राणों ,(पुरुष-बोधिनी, उपनिषद्) सास्त्रों में कहा गया है।
अब हम आपको भगवान के दिव्य शारिरिक रूपों को दर्शाने का प्रयास करते हैं, जो हमें अनन्य भग्ति करते हुए, गहरे ध्यान योग की अवस्था में अनुभव हुए । जिन्हे हमने अनुभव के आधार पर चित्रित किया हुआ है।

  1.  Invisible Divine body Grevity power & chattenya Tatav.

2. Parkash Roopy - Tatav.                                

3. Supreme Divine Tatav, Atom " God "                        

 4.  Divinity in Supreme Atom made by N P E  Nutron Proton Electron = Atom,  Lord God divinely

5. Supreme Tattav + Mahamaya, Gravity power      
Krishna Tatav + Radha Tatav        

  6.    All Kinds Of Tatavs, Supreme Tatav, Atom, & Jivatma's souls in 
" Vishnu Tatav + Follow of Creatures Tatav "

 7. Superior Supreme Tatav Aadhi God,           Formatted God

  8.   Perbh- Jyot - Jayoti Srup Bhagwan

  9.   Triguni Maya Dhari Aadhi God

  10.   Trimurti Lord Bhagwan

  11.   Divine Virtuous  Body

12. The Formated God- Mumukshu

13.  Perlayakaleen Roop of God,"Him God"

  14.  Lord God " Narayana "

15.  Re-incarnated of God. Now Lord Krishna become re-Incarnated in divine body of Lord Narayana. Lord Krishna obtained Shuksham Sarira of Narayana and Karan Srira of supreme Tatav " Param Tatav " of Aadhi God " Param-Tatav-Atom. In this way lord Krishna was Avtari of Narayana And avatar of lord Vishnu and owner of the Sudershan Chakra also

        अत: जो भगवान में दृड निश्चय कर, पूर्ण विश्वास करता है, कि श्री कृष्ण ही वास्तव में भगवान के दिव्य परम आंशिक तत्व हैं " बस इतना ही समझ लेने पर " उस जीव की, उस प्राणी की मुक्ति हो जाती है!
          कोई भी प्राणी या व्यक्ति परम भगवान को सरल भाव से अनन्य भग्ति करता हुआ तात्विकता से जानने पर  और अनुभव में लाने पर ही, जन्म और मृत्यु से मुक्ति और मोक्ष की अवस्था को पूर्णत: प्राप्त कर सकता है । ईश्वर की अनन्य भग्ति के शिवा प्रभू को अनुभव में लाने का और अन्य कोई रास्ता है ही नहीं।
       हमारा भी अनुभव यही है कि भगवान के कर्म व जन्म दिव्य व आलोकिक है और It is the matter of self realization  जिसे केवल हम अनन्य भग्ति द्वारा ही ईश्वर जो हमें नित्य प्राप्त हैं और जो हमारे हृदय रूपी मन मन्दिर में परम सूक्ष्म तत्व के रूप में विराज मान हैं को ईश्वर की अनन्य सरल भग्ति द्वारा अनुभव कर सकते हैं।
                                  दास अनुदास रोहतास

Search of Truth


Kinds Of Physical Body:----------

  O.  Dhavnimaya Srira, Voice, invisible

1  Parkas Roop.                                                  

  2  Karan Srira

 3.    By deep meditation being concioucness and stable mind being introverted and after obtaining Divine Viveka and plush with God then we can realize Mahamaya "A Special Divine Power of God" .

  4.  Jyotirmaya Srira.                                      

   5 .  Parkasmaya Srira

   6.   Jivatama

  7.   Suksham Srira " Virtuous Body "

  8.   Sathul Srira

  9.   Viveka Power

  10.   Human's Divine Power Realization

                    All these above divine realizations are possible only after kindness and blessing by God,  with a special kind of devotional power," VIVEKA " (A key for divinity and spirituality), presented by The Almighty God.