Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Almighty God - Mumukshu Avatar

The Almighty God
Pooran Kripa Patra of The Almighty God

                The Supreme God’s divine body is automatic incarnation of the Chettan-Tattva, a central point of the supreme soul and divine powers as Shuksham-Bindu, Nira-Akara, like a White brilliant Star in the midst of the internal divine Universe. Secondly, there is a systematically disciplined and automatically established of the divine power, revolving around the Supreme God, Adhi-sthan, ‘Adhi-God’. Thirdly, there is automatic incarnation of the immortal divine body of the Deva- Adhi-Deva, Three-Murty, ‘The Almighty God’. This divine body of The Almighty God has all divine powers of The Supreme God. The Almighty God, has no eyes but can look every where, has no ears, but can listen to all and also has no mouth but can speak very well in all the language of the world and universe, has no uniform but can format Himself as He wants.
               The Almighty God formats Himself a completely divine and immortal body of a Divya-Purusha by Chettan-Tattva with the help of divine powers and divine virtues, “The Formatted God.”  No body can observe Him, but only an Avatara Purusha can observe Him, with his divine Third-Eye during meditation. In Sat-Yuga first of all, The Formatted God incarnated as Lord Shree Brahma, secondly as Lord Shree Vishnu and thirdly as Lord Shree Shiva, in the world and  live forever in the Srishty till Maha-Parlaya. All these Formatted God have same Devine powers of the Supreme God, and of The Almighty God, but play different kinds of role in their period of the Yuga in this world.
               At the period of the end of the Yuga, among between one of these The Formatted God, become incarnate, for playing His role in this world. In Treta Yuga, Lord Shree Vishnu Incarnated as Lord Shree Rama, Avatara of the, Purushottam- Purush and in Dawaper-Yuga as Lord Shree Krishna, the Avatara of the, Parama. Lord Shree Krishna already has explained in His sweet song in Dawaper-Yuga, in the holy book Srimad-Bhagawat-Gita’s, Adhyaya-4 and Shloka- 7-8, that whenever evils and sins increases on the Earth in this world, The Almighty God Incarnates here in His Immortal Divine Body, so as to destruct, all evil creatures and constructs the Religion, Truth and Peace, again and again. So, it is now clear, as expected in the Indian Spiritual Literature Vishnu Puranam, that Lord Vishnu’s Avatara Kalki, must become incarnate in India, in this span of time ‘Kal-Yuga’.
Universal truth about my Spiritual Realization is that Deva-Adhi-Deva, The Almighty God, ‘Lord Shiva’s Avatar Kalki, ‘The- Kalki-Bhagwan’ has now incarnated in India.
                I saw wonderful appearance of ‘The Almighty God’ in a small divine form at 7:30 A.M. on 2 April 2011, during morning walk at Atal-Park, city-Karnal, India, in the shape of, only One inch circle in the air, three feet above the earth and three feet away from me, like a small sky blue hole, with my open eyes and after few minutes it changed it’s color to yellow and then finally disappeared.
1.    God is The God            2. God is The Nir-Akara         3. God is The Supreme God
4.  God is The Adhi-God   5. God is The Almighty God   6. God is The Formatted God

                                                                      Super Blesser of The Almighty God
                                                                                               Das Anudas Rohtas