Monday, December 12, 2016

Colourful Gravity Rays And Cosmic waves Are Coming On Earth

        Gravity Colourful Rays are coming on Earth
                We observe many time Colourful gravity rays and cosmic waves on Earth in my life coming from universe to Earth in many kind as colourful Dot, Colourful Vortical Lines Rings extra in my bedroom at Night in meditation realization, which we going to show with the help of this image giving below:-

Some Cosmic Waves realized in meditation like this image for few moments

Very Strsnge vertical GAWAIN waves in internal divine universe at first time in our divine life very critically effected the Planets,  we try to show in image giving below at 3-30 am ,on 17-9-17 !

                                   Das Anudas Rohta

We Should Love Nature

          We Should Love Nature

                              Das Anudas Rohtas

Some planaets observed converting during meditation

              A latest observation during meditation
           A latest observation' and Scientific information', during meditation in internal divine universe is that some planets convert streight- up and ready for fell down at once after few minuts. It seems dew to weakness in the Gravity power in universe, Planets fell weak and then these convert, like this Image, which we sohw giving below in No.-2.

                                  Das Anudas Rohtas

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Stars Broken and Dieing in Universe

                  Stars are Dieing in the Universe
                   Latest Divine realization during meditation in Inner Divine Universe at 4-00 am on 7-12-2016 is that we are observing some Stars are dieing in the Upper Jone of Universe, one by one but No-2, one PUCHAL-STAR is stable and one another No-1, which is Twincle brightly is coming down, speedily and Safely through all of other Stars, which we are showing with the help of a image giving below.

  1.  Brilliant Star coming down speedily & safely.
  2.  Puchal- Star stable.
  3.  Some Stars dieing.

                          Das Anudas Rohtas

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Almighty God Appeared

               The Almighty God appeared in His Original Divine Form.

                                        " MANUSHAM-ROOPAM "

Das Anudas Rohtas