Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Creation of Mayavi-Divine-Golden-Dawarka by Lord Krishna

         What a wonderful creation of Mayavi-Divine-Golden-Dwarka-Nagar (city) with great higher big Gate-Way, with Golden-Towers and long wide golden Staires, created by The Almighty God,"God" which observed after kindness and blessing by God on, 7-2-2013, at 4-00 am, during meditation clearly, which was running in the Air from East to West in internal divine Universe, while Lord Krishna stood on the Goomaj of the roof of this beautiful divine Nagar-Dwarka in His position in blue-Dhotti and with Blue-Ora and Lord Balram in Mahroon colour Dhotti with Yellow-Scarff, stood on the Staire as a great Warrior, in the security for Divya-City-Dwarka.
                       Das Anudas Rohtas