Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rohtasa Brahm Kamalam Realization

 Appearience of Lord Shree Brahma ji

              There is great importence of Divine Brahm Kamal in Hinduism. Lord Shree Brahma Ji is the first Hindu's God, " God Tri-Dave " (Trimurti). Tri-dave consists of three Gods, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Mahesha. Lord Shree Brahma Ji Is the Only one God, Who is the creator of this beautiful Shristi and of this wonderful Universe There is only one Temple of Lord Shree Brahma ji in this World, near City Ajmer, a very famous Hindu's Tirath "Pushkar Ji".
             According to me Lord Shree Brahama Ji also appeared from this beautiful Divine Brahm Kamal, situated in the Nabhi of, The Formated God, Dave-Adhi-Dave, premal person "Narayana". The Almighty God "God", Himself created this divine Form of the body of, The Formated God, which is showing in this beautiful divine image. Because Lord Shree Brahma Ji appeared in this divine flower, so this flower is named, "BRAHM KAMAL".  This beautiful divine image of Dlvine Brahm Kamal is my personal realization, which I realized at 7-00 am, on 7-10-1991, during meditation when I was taking my bath in the morning .
                                                                                                        Das Anudas
                                                                                              Barhm Gyani Rohtas

Monday, June 17, 2013

* Meaning Of Kalki Avatar In Kal-Yuge *

                              Meaning of Kalki
 In Hinduism in the honour of Lord Shree Kalki Avatar has many kinds of meaning given below :--
------------Kalki = Kaal + Key -----------
--------------   Key of Kaal ----------------
1. Kal  --  Machine ( Purja, metal )
2. Kal  --  Kaal  ( Maha-kal )
3. Kal  --  Time ( Vakat ) period
4. Kal  --  Yesterday(Future)Tomorrow
5. Kal  --  Kla ( Art )
6. Kal  --  Kal (Normaly People say I
     know the kal of that person) Nabaj
7. Kal  -- Raj, main Secret, knowledge, Qualities, virtue, Realization,(Bodh)
8. Kal  --  Kala ( Black )
Kalyug -- Kaal-Yug ( Maha Kaal Yug )
1. Kalyug - Yug of man of machine
2. Kalyug - Yug of Machine (Metal)
3. Kalyug - Yug of Sword
4. Kalyug - Yug of Mahakal                   
5. Kalyug - Yug of the End
6. Kalyug - Yug of Blackness(Peaceful)
7. Kalyug - Kaleh (klesh) ka yug
Avatar :--Avtarit Power (Incarnation of Supreme divine power)
                So it means the incarnated Supreme Divine Power, Supreme Divine Soul who will become-incarnate in future for the Divine Key of Maha- Kaal, the Key of realization Secrecy, Raj- yog of the Divine Supreme Power, Supreme State, Supreme Soul "NIRAKARA", The Almighty God,"GOD" which can be available only after kindness and blessing by God in this Yuge, Kaal-Yuge,Yug of Machine,"The Yug of Mahakaal" will be called by name  as "Lord Shree Kalki-Avatar".
          Million years of ago, from the pasture time, the Divine Spiritual Soul, like Yogi purush, Divya purush, avatari purush and Saints, realized divine activities of The Almighty God and Goddess with the help of Divinity in Sat-Yuga. In Tritya-yuge also realized the same kinds of divine activities by the great divine Spiritual Souls. Right like those yuga's, in Dawaper- yug, also realized divine spiritual Souls in the world, and The Almighty God Lord Vishnu's Avatar, Lord Shree Krishna, became incarnate in Dwapar- yuge.
          We come to know after study
some Indian Spiritual Litreture like in Vishnu- Puran and Shiva- Puran, about, Great Incarnaion, Lord Shree Kalki Avatar, that, Lord Shree Krishna will become re- incarnate in the world, and He will appeared in India and will constuct Truth and Peace in the world, in Kal-Yuge and that, He will be the end of the world, and of this beautiful Shristi.
  * Some people ask that, "what does you mean about Kalki Avatar"? *
                In my vew if we want to know about kalki Avatar then :---
1. There should be Faith in God.
2. There should be self confidence.
3. There should be fast determination
4. There should be personal spiritual divine knowledge and Self realization, about Supreme Divine Power, Supreme Soul, Shuksam Bindh," Tatav."
                         Value of Self Realization
                 Then we can realize Spiritual Supreme Divine Power, param Tatav, Supreme Souls of The Almighty God and Goddess, during meditation in internal divine Universe and also in external universe in present yuge, Kal Yuge with living in consiousness and being stable of mind after kindness and blessing by God only.
                Only on the behalf of giving these true personal divine realization of, "Spiritual Supreme divine Soul's  qualities, Divine Virtues", we can say that, Who will become real re- incarnate of the Divine Supreme Power "The Almighty God, Lord Vishnu's Anshik Avatar in the present yuge, Kal-Yuge. He may be Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Kalki or any other Great Divine Soul, Great purush, Divya Purush, Yogi Purush,  Avatari Purush or " Adhi-Purush " in the World, in this beautiful Shristi.
           Infact The Almighty God has become re-incarnate and appeared in His original-Saral-Sakar-Roop ( Form ), "Manusham-Roopam" in India.
                   Spiritual Truth
      If we believe at this quotation:-
* Jera Bharmandey, So Hi Pindey *
                Then I am sorry, for latest divine realization, a Great Black Hole image, in yoga- kirya " Turiya "at,9-30 am,on 15-6-2013, during meditation, in internal divine Universe.
                                                                                                                  MAHAKAL PARBHU      

                                          Das Anudas Rohtas

                                               Das Anudas Rohtas

Saturday, June 8, 2013


            There are so many Yog Assan Kriyas in the Spiritual-World, from which some main special divine yoga assan kriyas are explained here, after relization. All these Yog Kriyas are usefull and best in realizing Yog with Divine Supreme power, "God". Yet, In my vew Nishkam-Bhagti-Yog (Nam-Yog) + Meditation-yog ( Dhyan-Yog ) is Serve-Shreist-Yog-Assan-Kriya.
Yoga Kriyas:-
1. Surya Namaskar Yoga
2. Dandwart Surya Namaskar Yoga
3. Pranayam Yoga Kriyas
4. Sham Mohan Kriya
5. Physical Health yoga kriya
6. Meditation Yoga Kriya
7. Meen Kriya( Igla Pigla )
8. Kundalini Yog Kriya
9. Om Anhadh Nadh Kriya
10. Snake Yoga Kriya
11. Sheesh Yoga Kriya
12. Kast Yog Assan Kriyas
13. Amrita Yoga Kriya
14. Par-Brhima Turiya Yoga Kriya
15. Turiya Yoga Kriya
16. Betarni Yoga Kriya
17. Ring Yog Kriya (Viveka Kriya)
18. Akash Bhedan Kriya
19. Viteran Yoga Kriya
20. Loak To Loak Yog Kriya
21. God's Leela Avlokan Kriya
               Only a Nishkam and SelflessYogi Purush, Divya Purush or Avatari Purush can be success in realizing all these above divine yoga assan kriyas in spiritual life.
                                                                                                        Das  Anudas
                                                                                                        God's Anshik Avatar
                                                                                                        Shree  Rohtas
                                *    Jai Sachidhananada   *
                                         Jai Shree Ram


          There are so many qualities of Yoga in the Spiritual World, but some main qualities are given below.
Main kinds of Yoga:-
1. Nishkam Karam Yoga
2. Giyan Yoga (janan Yoga)
3. Nishkam Bhagti Yoga
4. Dhiyan Yoga
5. Nam Yoga
6. Raj Yoga
7. Laya Yoga
8. Hatt Yoga
9. Tap Yoga
10.Light Yoga
11.Raag Yoga
12.Turiya Yoga
13.Kundalini Yoga
14.Internal Yoga
15.External Yoga
16. Dev Darshan Yoga
17.Sudershana yoga
18. Tatav Yoga
19. Param Yoga
20. Mukti Yoga
21. Mox Yoga
Serve Shaktimate Pramatmane Shree Ramaye Namha.
                   *  Jai Shree Ram *

                                                                                                        Das Anudas
                                                                                                        God's Anshik Avatar
                                                                                                        Shree Rohtas.
                                      *  Om Shanti  *