Friday, January 4, 2013

* Third Sanyashi *

         After some time Third Sanyasi, who was, 65-years old, 6-feet Tall, Curly hair and he was looking young,
smart  and was wearing only a single piece of white Langotty came to me. He was saying that he came directly from Kanshi-Ji to me. He put his head om my feet very respectfully and told that," You are an Avtari Purush " so he came to meet me and that now he would go back direct to Kanshi-ji.
         I requested him not to make me feel guilty, because it was not right, everyone know that," Ganga never fllows back to Mountains. " you are a great Saint so, I heartly Parnam you.
                                  Das Rohtas

Thursday, January 3, 2013

*Sudarshna Chackra*

.        " What a wonderful Sight "
      First of all, I enjoyed by realizing,
Sudarshna Chackra in my internal divine Universe during meditation when I stand out side of the house then after a few minuts, I saw a light on the Sky, imigiatly, Sudarshna Chacker appeared in this great divine light which was round in shape, in front of my eyes at 9 pm, on 2-1-2013. I observed it very well. Then at once, it went from West to East very speedly and disappeared.
                               Das Anuds Rohtas.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


                 Sanyasi from Utranchal Second sanyashi 60 years old came to me at our Showroom and he said to me that "I come from Utranchal and I want to remind you that "Aap Shiv K Avatar Ho" and he gave me a childhood image of Lord Shiva, similar to the one given.