Sunday, May 10, 2020

Om Namo Narayan

                  Om Namo Narayana

                Divine Realization, during standing Meditation at 8-30 am on 
8-5-20. All these Divine Holy Characters take their place one by one which are showing in this video divinely.    

Tatav Yoga Darshana


Universal Truth  

                             Das Anudas Rohtas

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

*आदरणीय परम स्नेही भग्त जनों अध्यात्तम में आप का स्वागत है*

" Self Divine Realizations during Meditation "

Incarnated Divine Supreme Soul
Of Lord Adhi God

  Divine Maha Shakti Turiya Yoga Darshana


What a Wonderful and Beautiful Divine Shristi Chakra of Creation, created by The Almighty Lord God 

"This world is just a travels Fair"
Divine Suksham shristies chakra, in Suksham Shristi, in this wonderful & beautiful Shristi.

Divine Maha Shakti Kundalini Awakening Activation Yoga Darshana

Kundalini Bodhe Shusmana Kholey
Ram Mantra Amrit Rush Gholey

Spiritual Truth.                     

                      दास अनुदास रोहतास