Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Definition of Spirituality

                                          Definition of SpiritualitySpirituality


                                               Spirituality=Spirit + Utilisation
                                               Adhayattam=Addhyayan + Atma
                                                Mahayanist=Maya + Anist

                        It is not so easy to explain the definition of spirituality. Because there come so many Great soul in this world and they left so many result behind them as they know. Shortly I put up some realization here about Spirituality. First of all we need to know ourselves. For it there should be a healthy Body, a healthy Mind, and a healthy and soft Heart, and a pure great Soul. There should be a good character a good behavior, good sanskar, deep faith in God. Religiosity and should be a pure vegetarian life. There should be great Yoga and exercise deep meditation to go into the inner world. Pranayama is also very helpful . Equality in the Divine Virtues and a thoughtless stability of mind peacefulness is very compulsory. After utilizing all these special qualities of Divine Virtues of God in this meaningful life a person may know a bit of definition of spirituality, Like this in Hindi in the Indian literary: Addhayatma, means read, or to go deeply into our inner world, in search of the 'Supreme Soul'. Mahayanist,over all the words have meaning in there form as, Maya-Anist',means Creation and Demolition of this Universe. It is an automatic incident in the Universe that occurs once in a  millions of years. There are two kind of worlds- outer world and inner world.Outer world through out the fregrence of Nature while inner world impress the Divine virtues.
                       No doubt, what we are observing and looking with our open eyes in this world here and there up and down it may be, scientifically, the result of the physical outer world. What we realize after going deep into the inner Divine world, there is a great wonderful peace of mind and joy you can feel, so many divine 'Lokas' you find and meet Ghost and divine souls, Aliens also.You can search out so many Planets, being Created and Destroyed, in divine Universe situated in the center of "Bhrikuty" upon a human body. Strangely you can enjoy your Pasture world's realization in the periodic stage of, Aadi, Madhya, and Ananta, with the help of thoughtless and stable mind.
You can shortly feel the sorrow and pain in outer world, but in inner world you can enjoy for ever in all of yuganters.
                      A 'super soul' of a yogi purusha or a Divya purusha who is blessed by God with divine body Kaarana, Sookshama, Mumuksha and 'Adideva purusha',divine eyes, and divine supreme soul ,can  be enjoyed fully, in this Divine inner world of God.
                      Therefore, you can say, spirituality is the result of humans personal daily life experiences, practice in yoga, individual efforts, prayer, deep meditation, religious belief and faith in God.

                                                      (ROHTASA YOGA DARSHANA)
        God is Worshiped:- "By Deep Meditation, without any attachment to Natural Virtues, being Stable of Mind"

By:  Das Anudas Rohtas

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spiritual Realization


            "Perm Guru Jai Jai Ram"


            " God is worshipped, By deep meditation, without any attachment to Natural Virtues with consciousness, being stable of mind"                                            After realizing so many divine activities of God in my life then I am going to write this line for the welfare of the humen-being in this wonderful world.
             I assure that, after obtaining this divine line spiritually and practically in human life, can realize the Divine activities of God.

                              Das Anudas Rohtas

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rohtasa Yoga Darshana

               Rohtasa Yoga Darshana


                    God is Worshiped, by deep meditation, without any attachment to Natural virtues, being consciousness
and stable of mind.

                   Das Anudas Rohtas