Tuesday, April 22, 2014


                    Name-Yog - Bhagti-Yog
               There  are many kinds and many way of yoga and meditation in the spiritual world, like, Karam yoga, Giyan yoga, Bhagti yoga, Dhyan yoga, Nam yoga, Tap yoga,Jup yoga, Hut yoga, Laya yoga and Voice yoga etc, on this Holy Earth. But Nam-Yoga, (Bhagti yoga) with " Niskam-Dhyanyoga " is the best, " Servshrist " devotional way of yoga to meditate on The Almighty God in the world. Many great souls, Saints, Yogi Purush and true devotee of God became success in YOG with God and realizing divine Form of  The God in their lives.
          " Kali-Yug Keywal  Name Adhara,
            Sumir Sumir Bhav Utrenhi Para ".
      " Nanak Nam Jahaj hey, Chade So Utrey Paar."

                           * RAM *

       Spiritual Truth.
                    Das Anudas Rohtas


Sunday, April 20, 2014


            Journey By Mari Gold Flower
        A divine jouerney by divine Mari- Gold ( Gaindh's)  flower. Divine body of Suksham Sarira sited on the Mari gold flower we observed it during meditation in Satsungh karnal at 8-40 am, showing in the image.

                      Das Anudas Rohtas

* Divine Realization *

                     " Divine Realization "
           Here is a divine realization during meditation. A Great Divine soul (Divya purush), gave training to my Suksham Srira to fly over with the help of a wooden-Patti in the air, top of the Kailash Pervat.

                                              Das Rohtas

Saturday, April 19, 2014


                        " Lord Shiva "

                 Lord Shiva appeared during meditation and Pranayam in Atal Park Karnal at 8-15, on 8-7-2010, and meditate with me, on Padam Asan, for few minuts presenting in the following image.

                           Das Anudas Rohtas

Thursday, April 17, 2014


             Is Kinds of Human Bodies
           There are many kinds of human bodies and qualities in the Srishti, divinaly and generaly in the Spiritual world. Some of them realized, which are showing below.

Kinds of Divine Bodies:--
 0.  Invisible Divine Power, Grevity (chatten Srira)

O'a. Parkash Roop of Tatav

  1   All Kinds Of Tatav in Srishti

  2 Superior Supreme Tatav

  3  Ring Divine- Power

  4  Adhisthan Adhi God (Lord Supreme Soul)

  5  PerbhJyot (perkash-maya Shrira) jayoti Srup

  6  Triguni Maya Dhari

  7  Trimurti Bhagwan

  8  Divine Virtuous  Body

9 The Formated God Suksham

  10  God Narayana

Kinds Of Physical Body:--
  O  Dhavnimaya Srira, Voice, invisible

1  Parkas Roop

  2  Karan Srira

  3  Jyotirmaya Srira

   4.  Parkasmaya Srira

   5  Jivatama

  6  Suksham Srira

  7  Sathul Srira

  8  Viveka Power

  9  Human's Divine Power Realization

                    All these above divine realizations are possible only after kindness and blessing by God,  with a special kind of devotional power," VIVEKA " (A key for divinity and spirituality), presented by The Almighty God.

                                  Das Anudas Rohtas

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


                Srishti's Analysis (Visleshan)
           There is a great importence in Spiritual world of elements, " TATAV ". Now we are going to show analysis of the Srishti (physical body) &divine body  systematically on the base of elements :-
1  Sky  Tatav

2  Fire Tatav

3  Air  Tatav

4  Water Tatav

5  Earth  Tatav

We all know very well about all these five Natural Tatavs.

6  Soul Tatav:-

          Very few men can realized this soul element, in the world. Dwaper-Yuge, in Shrimadbhagwat Gita, soul tatav is known as Purush Tatav. Only some Divya Purush and Introvert can realized the Soul Tatav.

 7   Jiwatma :-

                  When Soul bind with the virtues of all these elements like, KARMA, ANGER, GREED, ATTECHMENT, PRIDE, MIND, KNOWLEDGE and AHEMBHAVA, this position of the soul  (JEEV) is called Jiwatama.

8  Supreme Soul:-

 It is Divine Tatav.

9  Chetten Tatav:-

  It is too Divine Tatav.

10  Ring Tatav:-

            It is also completely divine Tatav, and appeared with the help of all divine qualities of Tatav and called by name, supreme divine Jiwatma" ADISTHAN ". All these three, 8-9-10, elements are divine and only divine Purush or a avatari Purush can observed them being introvert.

11  Jyotisavroop Divine Body:-

12.  Adhisthan :-
                Supreme Tatav+Chetten Tatav+Divine Ring+Divine Power Grevity, automaticaly originated body by these qualities is completely divine body called by name Adideva, Adhisthan, Creation of the Formatted God, "God-Adhideva".

 13 Trimurti Divine God's Body :-
                     It is completely divine, Immortal and Holy Tatav's divine body with, like a brilliant Star in midst of the Bhitkuti, at central point, Dot, in our internal divine universe, enlightening the whole world, all three Loka and all the Srishties, corresponding elements, in the Spiritual Tor has been regarded asTrimurti God, Perbrham-Permeshwar, The Almighty God," God ".

                      Now we may be able to know the composition of our Srishti's "Physical divine Body" with the help of these elements and Divine body by divine virtues. It is not so much, to our knowledge, The Almighty God," Tatav " has become incarnate in his divine Sakar Form,  "MANUSHUM ROOPM". We should search of Him and refuge in Him the parimal person "NARAYANA".

14. Incarnated Divine Body:-

                          Only divine body created by The Almighty God which He create Himself with the help Supreme divine Tatav, similler divine qualities, divine power, divine Ring and divine right of Him, becomes incarnate in any physical body of,"Param Kirpa Paatr" in the world, as an avatari Purush, and observes all divine Leela of Supreme Tatav, The Almighty God," GOD ".
15  Avatar:-

                      Appearience of a avatari Purush, in modern yuge,"kal-yuge", showing in internal divine universe, Who is ready to riding on black hourse in the image.

                    " Tatav journey is contineu " :-------
                                   Jai Shri Ram
                                    * RAJ. YOG *
                                           Das Anudas Rohtas.


                     " First Step on Earth "
                The most sacred and wonderful, beautiful creation on Earth is the first, in its tiny delicate steps and the great fortune of having received the name of the orgenism is Lobster," GINGAH ".
                                Das Anudas Rohtas


                    " Trimurti Bhagwan Ke Darshna "
                Trimurti of God as the master of this world to be a rare find. Men only incarnated or Divine Purush can only do a master in Dhyanyog currency of the Trimurti, we see God, as the one in the following instrument which is shown in the picture. This is the true ultimate flame toward God as Jyoti format. We realized this divine Form of The Adhi- God during meditation in internal divine universe.

                                           Das Anudas Rohtas


A divine realization in inner Divine universe 23-9-17

* Suprior Superem Tatav Leela Darshan *

               Supreme Tatav & Tatav Leela
               Supreme  Soul  &  Soul  Leela
               Supreme  God   &  God  Leela
             Latest supiritual realization  about Supreme Tatav and All-Tatavs Leela, in internal divine universe, which we already observed many time in life, during meditation, is observed, at 9-20 am, on 15-4-2014, worshiping in "Vishnu-Luxmi Temple" at "Holy-Ganga-Teerth, Har- Ki- Pauri, HARIDWAR" in,  India, which shown by following image:-

          Supreme soul Lord & Souls Leela


Sahshra Leela Darshana

Das Anudas Rohtas

Friday, April 11, 2014


                              Golden Age " Satyug "
            In the present era divine powers come into personal experience in life is a good sign, symbol soundtracks 5-30,10-3-2014 us to focus more on its internal divine universe as the golden fire hole of the many career," Agniuma-Trenge" (like reys of fire) behind us growing two or three experienced. It look like the celestial universe sacred Golden Age is coming to Earth again, "Or....it may be going to happened in the ..........!

                                   Das Anudas Rohtas

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


                           * Lord Kalki *
                  In my vew Lord Vishnu's Avatar," Lord Shri Kalki " become re-incarnate and appeared for moment, during meditation, only in internal divine universe, at 2-00 am, on 8-4-2014 on the vary Historical day of Ramnavamy, at the same center place between eye-brow for Adhisthan, in His original divine position, as a Horse-Rider, on White horse in His black -dress. He is complitaly ready to start His jaurney riding horse in the Modern age, "Kali". at any time in the Srishti.
Spiritual Realization
                                     Das Anudas Rohtas


               * Mystery of the God *
                        " Reheshya "
  God is very graceful :  ---------------

             Srishti originated when the mystery of the origin of God in this wonderful world remains. God is very merciful and compassionate toward your Bhagat,and Bgt God in this wondrrful world from every era has seen, the deep relationship between Bgt & Bhagwan explaination of the history in fact.Believely, is not much only is the God's ultimate. Attire devotee is very enxicious get to God in his life and similarly God is also alwayes ready to eccepet His devotee, but God is shameful to know when there is not even one true devotee of Him in the wide- world. After many year of age, God success to match the true Bgt. God then all our efforts in Srishti woo Leela compose your Bgt, longer the mystery of God, and God now it occurred of try to write in the following:-
                Srishti bad to the Terms creation. God's entire divine origin because of the Srishti formed, Srishti swyenv and Puatnty is divine. After the age of Mahaperlaya, means after million of years of the the origin of the Srishti which leying down calmful there came motion in it as Holocaust freeing the plenty and all the sources of the Srishti and now there is a great high leval blast in it and appeared fast bright light,"note here; which leads to top in sky then it takes the form of a Glacksi, and then It compose our Srishti satellite moon of the planets, stars, sun, plant, water, air bright sacred earth, elements the same power on behalf of the divine powers of the elements based on there properties only appear power," are  base on their share of power Grevity " center point of all these forces appear as a Bright Star at the Top and shining its ultimate. Ultimate power ultimate self element "Formless" known is the made. The first is the only element to be triggered. "This whole celestial object to Swyenv as it may change any of your divine qualities of the total content of the Universe is the focal point over land aguatic, Nbcr impersonate any orgenisum. It can appeared and disappeared in moment. Chetten Tatav and divine Ring also appeared at the same time as safety covatch.Ring made up of divine virtue is secret and named Adhisthan, "NARAYANA". God appeared between us with all these three divine powers in the Srishti, as appear consists of three powers on the Trimurti, Trinity, also known by the name of Triguni-Mayadhari and Brahma, Vishnu, Mhesha etc appear as divine realization. Brahma ji Srishti compose, follows Vishnu ji and while Lord Mhesha to live-distruct Sungar.
                 Its ultra-fine divine incarnate, God in the present age "Manusham- Roopam" elusive charm has appeared as the interviewer. In the History of Hindu Civilization our men become incarnated in every age, and saints, sages, celestial men in the world from time to time very the sacred earth of these divine experience and perceptions in future also similar Type may be happened.

                               Das Anuda Rohtas