Thursday, April 17, 2014


             Is Kinds of Human Bodies
           There are many kinds of human bodies and qualities in the Srishti, divinaly and generaly in the Spiritual world. Some of them realized, which are showing below.

Kinds of Divine Bodies:--
 0.  Invisible Divine Power, Grevity (chatten Srira)

O'a. Parkash Roop of Tatav

  1   All Kinds Of Tatav in Srishti

  2 Superior Supreme Tatav

  3  Ring Divine- Power

  4  Adhisthan Adhi God (Lord Supreme Soul)

  5  PerbhJyot (perkash-maya Shrira) jayoti Srup

  6  Triguni Maya Dhari

  7  Trimurti Bhagwan

  8  Divine Virtuous  Body

9 The Formated God Suksham

  10  God Narayana

Kinds Of Physical Body:--
  O  Dhavnimaya Srira, Voice, invisible

1  Parkas Roop

  2  Karan Srira

  3  Jyotirmaya Srira

   4.  Parkasmaya Srira

   5  Jivatama

  6  Suksham Srira

  7  Sathul Srira

  8  Viveka Power

  9  Human's Divine Power Realization

                    All these above divine realizations are possible only after kindness and blessing by God,  with a special kind of devotional power," VIVEKA " (A key for divinity and spirituality), presented by The Almighty God.

                                  Das Anudas Rohtas

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