Tuesday, April 22, 2014


                    Name-Yog - Bhagti-Yog
               There  are many kinds and many way of yoga and meditation in the spiritual world, like, Karam yoga, Giyan yoga, Bhagti yoga, Dhyan yoga, Nam yoga, Tap yoga,Jup yoga, Hut yoga, Laya yoga and Voice yoga etc, on this Holy Earth. But Nam-Yoga, (Bhagti yoga) with " Niskam-Dhyanyoga " is the best, " Servshrist " devotional way of yoga to meditate on The Almighty God in the world. Many great souls, Saints, Yogi Purush and true devotee of God became success in YOG with God and realizing divine Form of  The God in their lives.
          " Kali-Yug Keywal  Name Adhara,
            Sumir Sumir Bhav Utrenhi Para ".
      " Nanak Nam Jahaj hey, Chade So Utrey Paar."

                           * RAM *

       Spiritual Truth.
                    Das Anudas Rohtas


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