Wednesday, April 9, 2014


               * Mystery of the God *
                        " Reheshya "
  God is very graceful :  ---------------

             Srishti originated when the mystery of the origin of God in this wonderful world remains. God is very merciful and compassionate toward your Bhagat,and Bgt God in this wondrrful world from every era has seen, the deep relationship between Bgt & Bhagwan explaination of the history in fact.Believely, is not much only is the God's ultimate. Attire devotee is very enxicious get to God in his life and similarly God is also alwayes ready to eccepet His devotee, but God is shameful to know when there is not even one true devotee of Him in the wide- world. After many year of age, God success to match the true Bgt. God then all our efforts in Srishti woo Leela compose your Bgt, longer the mystery of God, and God now it occurred of try to write in the following:-
                Srishti bad to the Terms creation. God's entire divine origin because of the Srishti formed, Srishti swyenv and Puatnty is divine. After the age of Mahaperlaya, means after million of years of the the origin of the Srishti which leying down calmful there came motion in it as Holocaust freeing the plenty and all the sources of the Srishti and now there is a great high leval blast in it and appeared fast bright light,"note here; which leads to top in sky then it takes the form of a Glacksi, and then It compose our Srishti satellite moon of the planets, stars, sun, plant, water, air bright sacred earth, elements the same power on behalf of the divine powers of the elements based on there properties only appear power," are  base on their share of power Grevity " center point of all these forces appear as a Bright Star at the Top and shining its ultimate. Ultimate power ultimate self element "Formless" known is the made. The first is the only element to be triggered. "This whole celestial object to Swyenv as it may change any of your divine qualities of the total content of the Universe is the focal point over land aguatic, Nbcr impersonate any orgenisum. It can appeared and disappeared in moment. Chetten Tatav and divine Ring also appeared at the same time as safety covatch.Ring made up of divine virtue is secret and named Adhisthan, "NARAYANA". God appeared between us with all these three divine powers in the Srishti, as appear consists of three powers on the Trimurti, Trinity, also known by the name of Triguni-Mayadhari and Brahma, Vishnu, Mhesha etc appear as divine realization. Brahma ji Srishti compose, follows Vishnu ji and while Lord Mhesha to live-distruct Sungar.
                 Its ultra-fine divine incarnate, God in the present age "Manusham- Roopam" elusive charm has appeared as the interviewer. In the History of Hindu Civilization our men become incarnated in every age, and saints, sages, celestial men in the world from time to time very the sacred earth of these divine experience and perceptions in future also similar Type may be happened.

                               Das Anuda Rohtas

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