Sunday, April 6, 2014


                                  Triloki Ke Nath

         God has a special place in the Spiritual World. Lord Shri Triloki ke Nath Ji, who has ownership of these three worlds and all the physical and Sukshum Shristies are based on them, try to display an image by special grace upon us by the Father Permeshwer severe in standing position by Dhyanyog at the time of Worship, 29-3-2014 at 8-50 am, in body between the Eye-brows, in Internal Divine Universe,was exprinced when  try all the being of the world, especially Human, a long and deep meditation-prectice, fast-determination, confidencially, with certanity stable mind, being virtuousless ( the Eucharist as the charecter) being interiorzation, in Internal Divine Universe, only Bhagwtr in responce to grace, Supreme Divine Soul," NIRAKARA" and the ultimate divine entertainment viewing, you can achive your ultimate joy in life, the expirience is shown by the following image.
       " Uman I have to say my expirience "
       " True green Name, all dream world "

           A Divine Supreme Power, Divine Light, seems here originated like a water-ball "Bulbula" from this Dot," Sukshum Bindh and which enlightments the world and may become incarnated in the world.
           Two planets entered very quickly in the surface of Adhisthan at 8-50 am, on 2-4-2014 observed in this image.

1. Dot
2. Chetten Tatav
3. Ring "Divine Power"
4. Tatav
5. Adhisthan
6. Internal Divine Universe
7. Physical body (Srishti)

!  Param Loka
!! Purshotam Loka "Adhisthan "
!!! Purush Loka "Shiva Loka"
!!!! Srishti "physical-World".

                                   Das Anudas Rohtas

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