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                 " Srishti  Ki  Rachna "
  !   * Brahma Sutra Air *
               Shri Brahma Ji is considered Creator of the Srishti in Spiritual world. Dave-Adhideva, Parbrahm- Permeshwara, Father, Permatma, before creating the first self Srishti, their conformity with the goodness of his divine creation of God, which is written as a Formetted God, Adhideva, " Narayana " is also known as Trigundhari. All the three fuels," Brahma, Vishnu, Mhesha " created the formatted God and then first of all Shri Brahma Ji, compose the Srishti. In the period of Lord Shri Rama in Treta-Yuge, Raja Janak a Brahma-Giyani Rajan, orgenized a Rajayashvi-Yagna and it was a question," Brahma's-Sutra ". Right to reply Law sage Astavakra replied:------------------------------------is----------------

   " The Brahma Sutra Air. But did not yet solved the mistery, creation of the Srishti found."

        !!             * Param Sutra Atma *
              There is a great importence of the Supreme Soul in Spiritual World, and is the main base of the Tatav, "Soul". Lord Vishnu is the second God of Trimurti, has right and ownership to construct and follows up the creation of the Srishti. Lord Krishna was an Avatar of Lord Vishnu in Dwapar era, were the embodiment of the ultimate reality. Lord Krishna in Dwapar Yuge was the fast friend of Dhandavdhari Arjuna, in the whole jiwatma shown in the divine - body, Jivatma of creation come from by every body, longer than the sum of the air elements and two self element of Yun's secret Tyun remains.

       !!!     * Shiva Sutra Water:-H2-O *
                Srishti origin of particular importance because of the Nature of water. Water is the importent element of the Nature. Infect, base of the origin of the srishti just water. Base of the third sutra of God Trimurti is the distruction on the Srishti with the help of water by Lord Shiva. Scienticfic formula of water is H2-O, Hydrogen2+ Oxygen, yet its not so much to know, water also evaporates into the air as by Vapor, fire is the fastest. Confirmed the Trimurti's third property but God alon by the water element was not created Srishti, therefore to God be the sum of the elements of the three divine qualities Srishti compositioned may be possible.

   * The Almighty God's Sutra Is,"TATAV" *
     Barhma Sutra Air+Param Sutra Atma
                      +Srishti Just Water
              Sum of these three elements, it remains a mystery to this day remains the Srishti is being opened. So ( Soul) Tatav + Nature:-the sum of these two elements creates Srishti is possible. Now based on our analysis Srishti element of the composition is difinitly is possible. Therefore present age of Kali, Srishti means, (Suksum Srishti the human body's-Srishti)  was composed of a mystery about which there is no longer a secret. ( Now it seems that The Formetted God " Adhideva "Perbrahma-Permershwar become incarnate of TATAV (Maha-Avatar) through Turiya Kirya in this world, because He is the true owner of this Divine-Turiya-Power.He play His role with the help of Tatav in Turiya kriya, which shown in Turiya- Yoga- Darshna ). Natural elements of the divine qualities (divine virtues) animate element. In the spirit of self is tied to the release of these bonds again in the Form of creeping close the circle of birth and death in several species friquently commutes, How does the body element's Virtues like ( work, anger, greed, attachment, ego, mind, senses, egoism) vikar of fastening elements, tied to the Natural elements and the individual Soul is called Jiwatma. "Natural elements" is ( Sky, Water, Air, Fire, Earth) Binds the individual Soul, it is our Physical body. Srishties are limited in their jurisdiction which is wildlife, and-human rights bodies in the area is high in the vagina so the orgenism has the ability to innovate in the male body and being introvert living in Srishti the human body should search for God, "Narayana", which we have received continual, he receive to get their shelter is actually Human's Satya-Dharma and purpose.

                             RAJ - YOG
                                      Das Anudas Rohtas

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