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" YOGI "
Kundalini  Awakening Yoga - Sahaj Yog
                  Sahaj Yoga is very Serveshresth Yoga spiritualy, which has very importance in the life of a true devotee of God. India is a Divine  Country in the world. Many Rishi Munies Divya Purush Yogi Purush and Avtari Purush born here, Kundalini was the importent Attitude of their Lives. As we know by name Sahaj yoga, this kriya is very easy and we can activate it with the help of Igla-Pigla, Meen kriya andwith the help of Sushmana, at the center point of our NABHI-CHACKER.

* Now we show how Kundalini activates in the life of a yogi Purush *
               First of all we should know that ONLY a Yogi -Purush, Sanskaree - Purush, True Devotee of God, and Kirpa-Paatra blessed by God can be success in activating, in awakening Kundalini Shakti, this special type of Divine - power, "SHAKTI", " Divine-Kriya-Yog " "KUNDALINI" in this World.

               Now we want to explain theorically, how we can  activate KUNDALINI :------

1.         We should be-seated on equal and peralol Place, On Earth, Diwan, Bed, or on a Assan, simpaly, situated with PADAM-ASSAN, SIDH-ASSAN or common, easily, any saral assan as we like comphertaibly to Pray God in Dhyan-yog, "Meditation".

2.        Pray to God with Sadhan (Sabdh) gain from our honourable Guru, also may be left behind for some time in meditation.

3.         Meditation (Dhyan-Yoga) may be unbreaking and continuously.

4.          After some time our breath will move very slowly and smoothly and Sadhan (Sabdh) left behind in back.

5.         After very long prectic and fast determination in continiuous yoga about 10-years, of Yoga Assan kriyas, pranayam, Jap, Tap, Tyagh, prayer, meditation ( Dhyan- Yoga) then God may blessed if He wants.

    " Now question is how we pray or worship of God". 

               "God is worshipped by deep meditation without any attecment to Natural Virtues being consciousness and with stable mind."


6.           After many years near about 10-years of Dhyan-yoga, meditation in this methodologically a True Devotee you can find that God may blessed him and first of all you find that there will be happened a great horrible and Vishphoted, Voice of "ANHAD-NADH " only.

7.            We feel a great light coming towards us in streight-line from Heaven to Earth, if we all right in our position and alive. We should not afraid of any divine power or divine scene by observing in meditation here, it is the first stage only of a Devotee and a spiritual test of meditation.

8.            After continuously long prectic in meditation and yoga behinding SABDH we realize KASTH-SIDDHI (a Shidhi Like of Wooden-body) and then after more expirience regularly and continuously meditating, we enjoy AMRIT - RASHPAN, in our spiritual life and realize a very nice spiritual stage of devotion in meditation and great achievement of a true Devotee of God.

9.            Now a devotee can stand in the que of True Dewotee of God and a new kind of divine realization can realize in his Dasam-Dwara in internal divine Universe and a divine Light also in meditation, and now called him as Kripa-Paatra, Param Bhagat.

10.          Now opens Dasam-Dawara here and with long continuous- prectic in meditation after blessing by God, a true devotee can bless with" VIVEKA "a special divine power of God if He wants.

11.         With the help of this divine power, "VIVEKA" a true devotee of God in meditation doing efforts to obtain the destination, the real goal of his life. He can open all Divine Chanal and Chackers and reach to Mooladhara which is real place of Divine power in the Security of IGLA-PIGLA, in the Form of Meen-Kriya and between both of them laying down in the shape of a Ring, as KUNDALINI and stabled in meditation here like a Light Madesnake KOBRA.  Our Rishi-Muni called it Meen-Kriya also. Kundalini awaken after circulating and Monthoning, Left-Right by igla- pigla Meen-kriya and stand with the help of Sushmana Power  here like a " Light-Made- KOBRA" Snake and Swinging (Dance) left and right like Pendulom in oposit-side and push-out him-self towards upper side, crossing all the chanals and chackers and take place in Dasma-Dawara in the Bhirkuti (center place of Forhead) and helps the "JIGYASU "a true devotee of God in realizing the all divine activities of God. 

                     " Meaning of Kundalini "

                Meaning of word Kundalini
                          Kundal :-  Ring outer power
                                  ini :-  initial power, Soul.

               We already explain in existence of God that after millions of years in the universe, there happened automaticuly a great Blast in galaxy and then first of all appeared a divine Dot Bindh like Brillient Star, Diamod, and appeared automatically compalitaly a divine Ring 
Round of It, as a Safty- Covach of the Dot, an Historically named as Adhisthan, Adhidave a divine power, a divine soul, and after binding in the Divine-Virtues of Actions of the Natural elements, called Jivatma and after binded in the Human body it called as we know," Kundalini."
               Now it mean we not activating  (awakening) kundalini but infarct we awakening the divine Supreme power or we can say we awakening our divine Supremw soul which laying down and sleaping at the power point of our body," SPINAL CORD "," MOOLADHARA " and It awake up only by Sahaj Kundalini Yoga, because this place is so soft as Rosy-Leaves.


                         " Kundalini sleep like a Dot, Sukshum-Bindh and awake like a Light Made Kobra ".

                       After activate Kundalini "Power"-"Shakti", we realize a Lot of divine realizations about God and Godess and daties and Scene of Nature in external and internal divine Universe in BHIRCUTI (a divine place) in the midst of our forhead. Infect we have no words more to explain the great divine realization after awakening Kundalini.

         " Meaning Of Kundalini Awakening "
                    Now we should come to know that whom we are going to awakening.

1.  Are we going to awakening the Supreme Power, it already ever activated divinely and automaticuly?
2.  Are we awakening our Supreme Soul Tatav it also ever activated?
3.  Are we awakening our , DIVINE-KARAN-SARIRA, situated under our SPINE? Which immortle and ever green.
4.  Are we awakening our Suksham Sarira Divine " RING, ADHISTHAN ", made of Divine Virtues Action of Natural elements, it also ever activated?
                 Kundalini awakening means to activate our divine power, " SHAKTI " divine Soul, TATAV, God. It can awaken only blessing by God , when His true devotee, Param- Bhagat, Param- Jigyashu, Param-Lagneshu, is Divinaly and compilitaly ready after clearing all divine Assan yoga kriyas coming in the way of meditation for Kundaini awakening. Only a true Devotee of God can success, only after blessing by Him in AWAKENING-KUNDAINI.


                    Self confidence, fast determination, Self realization continuously long prectic in meditation, Dhyan-yoga assan kriyas and Stability of mind is very compulsory, in awakening," KUNDALINI ".

                                                  Das Anudas Rohtas

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


                     *  SERVE  SHRESTH  YOGA *

                    Sahaj yog kriya, by " PRANAYAM ", Sahaj Nam Yoga and Amrit-Rashpan are Very importent & compalsory in KUNDALINI-BODH, with the help of Igla- Pigla-Meen-Kriya, circulating as a Madhani, round the divine power placed in Mooldhara, with the help of Shusmana and Eagla- Pigla NADI and  TURIYA-Yog-KRIYA (a special Parbraham  divine YOG Kriya) + VIVEKA, by deep Meditation, being consciousness and stability of mind, is Serve-Shresth-Yoga, in the way of Param Bushtits " Param-Anandh ", to awakening and realizing, " Kundalini Shakti " (The Supreme Divine Power) and to be plush (+) with Supreme Soul, God and to reach and observe, Supreme Power, Supreme Tatav, " GOD " is the real goal of our life..

          Spiritual Truth!
                                             Das Anudas Rohtas