Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rohtasa Brahm Kamalam Realization

 Appearience of Lord Shree Brahma ji

              There is great importence of Divine Brahm Kamal in Hinduism. Lord Shree Brahma Ji is the first Hindu's God, " God Tri-Dave " (Trimurti). Tri-dave consists of three Gods, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Mahesha. Lord Shree Brahma Ji Is the Only one God, Who is the creator of this beautiful Shristi and of this wonderful Universe There is only one Temple of Lord Shree Brahma ji in this World, near City Ajmer, a very famous Hindu's Tirath "Pushkar Ji".
             According to me Lord Shree Brahama Ji also appeared from this beautiful Divine Brahm Kamal, situated in the Nabhi of, The Formated God, Dave-Adhi-Dave, premal person "Narayana". The Almighty God "God", Himself created this divine Form of the body of, The Formated God, which is showing in this beautiful divine image. Because Lord Shree Brahma Ji appeared in this divine flower, so this flower is named, "BRAHM KAMAL".  This beautiful divine image of Dlvine Brahm Kamal is my personal realization, which I realized at 7-00 am, on 7-10-1991, during meditation when I was taking my bath in the morning .
                                                                                                        Das Anudas
                                                                                              Barhm Gyani Rohtas

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