Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bhagti, Maya, Shakti, Power by Devotion

                  *  SHIVA BHAGTI  *

                After a long prectice, siting on Bhukut Assan yoga Kriya, Padam Assan yoga kirya and Shidh Assan Yoga Kriya with the help of Namyoga, (Bhakti-Yoga) for long period prectice, continuously and spiritualy, with conciousness, by deep maditation without any attachment to Natural Virtues, being thoughtless and stable  mind, a devotee can be sucess to reach and achive this great attitude, devotionly, in his life. He can seek and realize Shakti, a Divine Power, Divine Light of God, in his life, and it is called Shiva-Bhgati, and then Lord Shiva can appeared joyfully and bless the true devotee of God.
           In this image we want to show the appearience of the Divine Power, a Divine Light, during meditation in the life of a true devotee of God.
                                                                               True Devotee of God

                    Das Anudas Rohtas

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