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* Incarnation of The God * God is God - There can be no any other God *

  " Why God wants to become incarnate in the World ? "
             In my vew God is God, God is One and there can be no any other God. The God is a Supreme Divine Power,Soupreme Divine Soul, Holly Spirit,Suksham Bindh, Dot, "NIRAKARA" , Chettan-Tatav. But a human being is the creation of both Chettan+Nature,
(Purush+Prakriti). God is a special automatic, glorious, original divinity and beginingless, endless, immortal, supreme Divine soul. Appearience of the God is completely divine and He can appeared every where in any Form as He wants. When eviles and sins increase on the Earth The God become incarnate on the Earth to distruct all these eviles and sins and constructs peace and truth again and again on the Earth in Shristi. No body can know about the incarnation and appearience of The God in this world. Only the grateful son of God may have some knowledge about the incarnation of The God. When God wants to become
Incarnate in the world He Formated Himself a divine body similar of Him and this divine body have same divine qualities and divine virtues in Him. The God sends this divine body of The Fomated God to take place in the body of a divya purush or a yogi purush in the world. The birth of this divine purush is also according to God since His childhood .
              When a person with the help of long practice of yoga assan kriyas, Pranayam, Nam-yoga and with true worship of God, by deep meditation with conciousness, being thoughtless and stable of mind and meditate on Him, at that time his soul becomes pure and this Holly Soul automaticaly and systematically  attached with Supreme soul and now all divine virtues and divine qualities of the Supreme soul God, becomes incarnate in that Human soul and then he being introvert, can realize all divine activities of God, in his life,
in internal divine universe, during meditation and some time can observes divine realization with his open eyes in this phisical world. But he has no right to be called himself as a God, becase the body of human is mortal, and it will be destroye after death, and Holly Soul is immortal and never die and lieves forever in Shristi.
            Supreme Holly Soul "The God"
becomes incarnate in the world dew to systematically creation of the Shristi, created by The Almighty God and so Tatav joines with similer Tatav.
            So whenever any human's soul becomes virtuousless in the world it attach automatically with supreme soul in moment and that human body become incarnate of The Supreme Soul "God" but it does not mean that he become God. We can say only God's Anshik Avatar. There are some Natural limitations of the human body. He can enjoy divine Leela, divine realizations of the Holly Spirit "The God'" in his life.
             Here are some special divine qualities of God given below:-
1   God is a Divine Origin
2   God is a Divine Glory
3   God is a Divine Holly Soul
4   God is a Divine Supreme Soul
5   God is a Divine Supreme Power
6   God is a Automatic divine Origin
7   God is a Systematic divine Origin
8   God is a Main divine Soul
9   God is a Center Point of the Power
10 God is a divine Dot
11 God is compilitaly divine
12 God is God
13 No one can take place of God
14 God can Formated Himself .
15 God can appeared in moment .
16 God shines like Diamond
17 God is like a divine light
18 God is Chettan pp
19 God is main Tatav
20 God is every where
21 God is biginingless
22 God is Endless
23 God enlightments the World
24 God is the Owner of the Shristi.
25 God is uncomplicated Holly Soul.
              So after knowing all these divine qualities of God, no one can say that man can be God. The God can become incarnate by obtaining a human body in the world.  ******************************
      *  "Now the question is why the almighty God wants to become incarnate in the world and He wants to be a man" ? *
           Yes, Das already explain about it that God do not wants to become incarnate, He never takes birth and neither He wants to be a man. God is completely, systematically, automatic, Glorious, Original, Divine Holly Spirit.
He can formate Himself in any Form as He wants. He can formate Himselfa Form in God, Godess, Dav, Deties,  human and Bird Animal even Natural every thing very well Divinely. So there is no desire of The God to become a man.
    Only a Holly Spirit and virtuousless (Gunateet) body of a great person can become incarnate, automatically and systematically in the world. The God can formate Himself in many kind of Form one time in a moment and can disappeard just at once.

*  Parabh-Jyot  *
           Now here Das wants to explain some divine expiriece and realization of his life which he observes from his childhood since 1963. When Das was only twoelve year old he saw a Divine Light ( Jyot ) which he is realizing  continuously since 1963. But no body knew about it . After some time Das also thought about it that some thing will be heppened in his life. Das take care in 1970, and he also told to his family but all they are innocent about it. In 1975 also I take interest and thought about it but all efforts were useless. I Start Yog assan kriyas, exercises, Surya Namaskar powerly, Pranayam, Pran-Apan and practice in deep meditation, continuously in my life at high leval and attened many Satsung of Nam yoga ( RAM-RAM ) devotionly. In 1978 Das was doing assan yoga kriyas on Karan Park he realize a Divya Movement Activity in his body and he encourage himself and start practice in Yoga and deep meditation regularly.
        After long practice in yoga assan kriyas, exercises and meditation Das feels a sweet Fragrance appearience in his body and some divine Light circulatintg before his Forehead.Then he obtain spiritual Word (Ram-Nam) from a saint Shree Ake- Nam- dave Ji and Shree Prem Ji Maharaj and take more interest in meditation and Nam yoga. Now there come to know him a long divine realization in his life and now he is helpless to explaine, yet Das try to explaine shortly some realizations.
*  Prediction  *
          Once Das Heared a Forecasting that you told peoples what we toled you divinely Now Das became silent.
Das afraide of prediction that it may be wrong with him, so an idiya come to his mind that "Bhagti Me Shakti hay" Das start more deep meditation from 1-00am to 4-00am, early in the morning in his life, and realized the Supreme Soul converting in many Form in internal divine universe like Birds, Animals, Fountain, Snake, Sea, Mountains, and other scenes in the Bhircuti at center place of forehead.
* Amrit-Anandh *
               After long practice and deep
meditation regularly in life, We enjoy Amrit-Ras-Pan. No one can think that it may be posible because it is so  dengerable kriya as to death, dew to wooden yoga kriya (Kast-Sidhi). Now Das feel that his practice in Yoga  (SADHANA) is completed and enjoys in Nam-yoga.
* Kamlam Darshanam *
              Das injoys Sahashar kamlam,
Barham Kamlam and Heart Kamlam during meditation, being introvert.
* Kundanaly Anandh *
                After kindness and blessing by God we can enjoy of Kundanaly- yoga-Assan-Kriya. It is a divine yoga.Kundanaly appeared automatically during meditation from Nabhi kamal.
First of all our divine light appeared and it circulate like Galaxy and then a Divine Light fell down upon the
Nabhi Kamal and at once Kundanaly
stand straightly like a light-made Kobr-Snake and start to go with a SWING very comfortably.
* Divinity *
              A Divine Light come in Das's life during meditation from the sky
like a great PILLAR in1986, at Night.
With the help of divine third eye a yogi purush observe divine Leela during meditation. He observe Dave
Darshan, God and Goddess, Deties Dave and all kinds of Natural sceen
during meditation.There are many Divya purush in the World. But they do not wants to meet with common
person. Being Intovert they know very well about divinity but do not want to explain. Some introvert come to me. One Sanyashi came to me from Das-Nami-Panth in Gokul.One Sanyasi came from Kanshi Ji and One Sanyasi come to from Utranchal. All say that you are a Avatari Purush,we want to tell you. Das thanks, Loves and Pranams to all Sanyasies in this beautiful World.
* Dave Darshan *
      Some Divine Souls of Deties came in my realization during meditation. First of all came a Divine Light of God,  and then"The Sun" who enlightments the whole World and all Loaks with His divine light at night. The Sun take place on the SOFA and stay for few minuts.The God and Godess also realized during meditation.
* Divine Third Eye *
                There are many beautiful divine Loaks spiritualy in this divine Shristi Created by The Almighty God.
Only a Divya Purush or Yogi Purush or a Avatari Purush can observe to them, with the help of Divine Third Eye, and can reach to them, with the help of divine body. There are many kinds of divine body which are given
below :-
1. Nirakara ( Chettan )
2. Karan Sarira
3. Shuksham Sarira

4. Sathul Sarira
5. Jyotirmaya Sarira
6. Parkashmaya Sarira
         With the help of these Sarires avatari purush can success to reach the target of His life, and can go to all divine loaks.
* Divine Loaks *
                  There are some beautiful divine Loaks given below.:-
1. Akash Loak       ( Surya Loak )
2. Savarga Loak    ( Inder Loak )
3. Bakunth Loak ( Vishnu Loak )
4. Shiva Loak       ( Kailas Dham )
5. Supreme Loak (Param Dham )
                               ( Sat Loak )
6. Yam Loak        (Dharam raj Dham)
7. Maya Loak     ( yog maya Dham, Narak lok )
8.   Earth Loak 
9.   Patal Losk
10. Naag Loak
11. Mani Loak
12. Varun Loak
13. Rash Loak
14. Rashal Loak
                      All these Divine Loaks are very attractive, Charming and beautiful in the Shristi. Das went in all these divine loaks and meet with  the owner (Swamies) of all these Loaks. All they gave response to me and guided me and blessed me divinly.
* Fight between Das and Datya *
                 There was a grat divine fight between Das and Datya, in internal divine univetse. Datya was in the divine form of a Daynasore with a bigest body than million of sun and his eyes was as big as sun. Das enter in the body of Datya's divine body as a Dayanasore and "TEER" his body very badly with hand and killed him.
* Divine Battle *
                   Once there was a great battle between Das and Datyas named Rakta-Beese and other Datyas in internal divine universe.Das quarle with Datya. A Bright Sword was in the right hand of Das and he killed all datyas (rakshas) in this battle.
* Divine Compitition *
             There was a great compitition
between Das and Datya (Rakshas) for "Sudershna-Chakra". Both were in there divine bodies. Datya was in the form of a Tortoies and he ran in the speed of Rocket in internal divine universe and Das also ran very speedly and catch-up the Sudarshna- Chaker and take on it at the right hand's first Finger very quickly, and like this save the Shristi.
*  Divine Voice  *
             During meditation some divine voice heared to me of every Yuge by saying like this.:-
1. Sat-Yuge  " Rohtas Bhagat Ki Jai Ho"
                            ( By Divine Huns )
2. Tritya-Yuge   " Babu  Ji "
                            ( By Divine Garudh )
3. Dwapar-Yuge " Aye Tat "
                            ( For Lord Krishna )
4. kal-Yuge         " Om Ram Hare "
                            ( By  Lord  Shiva )
              Human soul is a very  uncomplicated soul and able to know about The God, deeply, spiritualy, divinely, and phyisicaly in the world. Only a man can worship and meditate on Supreme Soul,"The God," Systematically. Supreme Power incarnated in the pasture time in many kinds of body of the animal also like Lion, Ant, Fish, Tortoise, Pig, ect, Historically. But mainly, The Supreme God Supreme Holy Soul, never become incarnate only "The formated God" whom God Himself formated simalarlly of Him, become incarnate for join with holy Soul in Shristi. Main Supreme power, Supreme soul, Holy Soul, Nirakara, The God, is One. Mostly whenever supreme soul incarnates He select the body of a uncomplicated, strongest and Virtousless man for play His divine role in the Spiritual World.
            Supreme Soul  incarnates in a Virtuousless ( Gunateet ) body it may be body of  Man, Bird, or any animal, among of Thal-Char, Nabh-Char or Jal-Char, dew to systematically creation of the Shristi,created by ,"The God". Only a Divya purush or Avatari Purush know that how Supreme soul appeared any where with the help of these Creatures, and how He play divine role after becoming incarnate in the Shristi to achieve the divine gole in Spirituality to reach, seek and refuge in Him .
               The Supreme Soul, The Formated God become Man. Whenever evils and sins increase on the Earth,The Formated God become incarnate at that time,in the world, so as to destruct all these evils and constructs, Religion, Truth and peace again and again in this beautiful Shristi.The God become incarnate of the Man in every Yuge.
                  In Tritya-Yuge Lord Shree Rama, In Dwapar-Yuge Lord Shree Krishna and  In the present Yuge, Kal-Yuge also same Supreme Holy Soul become incarnate in the form of a Man" Manusham-Roopam."
                               Das Anudas
                               God's Anshik Avatar
                               Shree Rohtas


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