Friday, July 5, 2013

* Appearience Of Lord Vishnu *

                                                          * Lord   Vishnu    Roopam *
                                                          *  Sudershanam  Chakram  *
                                                          * Aadhi Shakti Aye Nsmah *
         Lord Vishnu is the main power of God Tridave " Trimurti " honoured by all over the wonderful World and in this beautiful Shristi. Lord Vishnu is the owner of main divine power "Shudershan Chakeram". Shudershan Chaker is the main divine power of The Almighty God.
          Shristi is very sistematiculy and beautiful creation, created by The Almighty God, and after passed millions of years, when Supreme Power, The Almighty God, wants to become incarnate in the world, first He sends down His main Divine Power,"Sudershan Chaker" in Shristi, through this Universe very speedly and powerly between His True Devotees. Only a true Devotee of God, who meditate on Himcontineuously and seek and refuge in Him, with fast determination,can hold this Divine Supreme Power, Shudershan Chaker, only after kindness and blessing by God, in this world and in Universe ,He may be Divya Purush,Dave or Datya. In present Yuge,"Kal-Yuger" we observe the Leela of this Divine Power of Lord Vishnu's "Sudershan Chaker" in Internal Divine Universe at 9-45 am, on 3-7-1992. There was a great compitition between true devotee of God and a Datya, but victory was in the first finger on right hand of true devotee of the God.
            According to me, The AlmightyGod in every Yuge heartly wants that, this main divine power" Power of Vijaya Shree " Shudershan Chakeram, may be hand-over to a 'True Devotee of God'. He may be Divya-Purush, Yogi-Purush or a Avatari-Purush; Spiritualy, in the world.
              Sudershan-Chaker is the main Divine Supreme Power of The Almighty God "God" in all Loaks, in the Shristi.  With the help of this divine  power,  Which can appeared in any form as He wants in the world at every where. Only a true devotee of God after kindness and blessing by God, can realize this Divine-Leela, of this divine power"Sudershan Chaker" during meditation in internal divine Universe, only at the exsect time of the appearience, of this divine supreme power "Sudershan-Chskera" in this beautiful Shristi.
                                                                                                  True Devotee of God
                                                                                                   Das Anudas Shree Rohtas
            * God Is God *

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