Tuesday, July 23, 2013


         " True Worship Of God " 
               The Almighty God  wanted to show His Beautiful Divine Leela to  True Devotee of God, through this beautiful image, During Das meditation, at 1-30am on 22-2-95, in this yuge Kal-Yuge in the World. There was a great divine light  in Das bad room. In this divine image all qualities are Divine. "Daya Dharam ka Mool hay " So Rohtas wented to serve Goat here from angry Loin. " "Kindness is the fruit of Spirituality."
0. Chettan Sarira (Invisible Divine   Sarira
1. The Almight God
2. Devotee Rohtas
3. Divine Power ( Divine Loin )
4. Holy Soul ( Poor Goat )
5 .Shuksham Divine Body of Rohtas
         (In standing position for serve).
                   All these divine powers appeared at once in Das's badroom in Their Original Divine Form during meditation.
                                         Spiritual Truth
                                                                                                           Das Anudas
                                                                                                           Avtari Purush Rohtas
                                                  AVATAR  LEELA

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