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   Why do bad things happen to good People ?
               Importence Of Karam
                      In Human Life
         Wonderful Srishti is an automatic and systematiculy creation, which created by The Almighty God with the help of two things Purush and Parkarti (SOUL+ NATURE) spiritualy and divinely. Infact spiritualy our Soul is known as a part of Supreme Soul (God) and our body is Suksham-Srishti a part according to the Srishti. The aim of life should be, to know, to seek, to search and to realize personal soul, Supreme soul, God, having no desire for the fruit of actions,"Karams" in life and to know Himself in this Srishti, in this spiritual world. By renouncing the fruit of action, through Karam-yoga, Who destroyed all kind of attachments, desires and fruits, created by the all kind of elements of Nature, by Viveka, (Self-knowledge) can not bind with the effect of actions, and realizes peace and success to reach the aim, being sensestive, to search soul, Supreme Soul and refuges in Him, the the Supreme State, The Almighty God, primal person, "NARAUANA".


1. Soul (Tatav) is Immortal while Nature (Parkarti) is Mortal.
2. Soul is virtueless while Nature is Virtuous.
3. Soul is divine and may be realized being introvert in internal divine universe only by divya purush, While nature can be realized by everyone physicaly in the world.
4. Soul feel no pleasure, no pain, while Nature feel pleasure sorrow and pain .
5. Soul is Holy, while Nature is Impure,
( Unholy) .
6. Soul is one while Nature (parkriti) has connected with main five elements of nature.
7. Soul is Stable while there is great instability in the elements of Nature, because, Changing is the law of Nature.
       * Now the question is why bad thing happen to good people? *

As we know:---
1. Nature is mortal.
2. Nature is perishable.
3. Nature is virtuous.
4. Nature is Flexible.
5. Nature is realizable
6. Nature is distructible

        People are the creation of two things, Purush and Parkariti (Soul+Nature). Soul of people has power to realize the all virtues of Nature. So he can realize the quality of happening bad and good both, dew to results of the actions of the all elements of Nature over soul in his life. "A good people feels good fruit of the great actions, "KARAM" in his life, and after finished the good effects, fruit of good Karams of his life he feels happening bad thing like sorrow and insufficient, in his life dew to excess the fruit of past bad actions by the elements of nature on Holy-Soul in his life. In future he can remove the bad effect of bad actions from his life and soul become uneffected after returning good actions good thoughts good Sanskars renouncing the desire for the fruit of Karams, doing Satya Karams, like Meditation, Sociel- Services, worshipping and Praying to God, devotionly  in his life. Now he can feel good again in future and enjoy in the life. So there is a special role of fruit of actions, "KARAM" in Humen's lieves in all Srishties in the World and like this in the life of people, the cycle of life and breathe, joy and sorrow and the flow of souls remains continuous in the Srishti, till Mahaparlaya."
There is great importence of karam in Spiritual life.
          " Karam Gati Trey Nahi Tarey "
                 " Karmo Ki Gati Nyari "

       * Fruit Of Karams, Never Behind *
                               Das Anudas Rohtas

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