Wednesday, July 16, 2014


      Special Quality For A Avtari Purush

                When a True Devotee of God worships God with long prectice of yoga Assan kriya, in "VIVEKA" being consciousness and thoughtless by deep meditation without any attachment to Natural Virtues, being stable of mind and becomes 'senseless and silent in devotion' and virtueless is called "GUNATEET", at that time our Soul becomes Holy and then at once very quickly that Holy Soul auotometiculy yogs, (+) , attech with Supreme Soul, "The Formated God" and then all Divine qualities of the Supreme Soul Come to the ordionary Anshik Soul and now it also becomes completely divine just like the Supreme Soul and after becoming re-incarnate, this divine Soul obtains again his Natural, "Physical body" with all divine qualities in him, only after kindness and blessing by God and then that human's body cald as a Avtari Purush in this beautiful World. No doubt now Supreme Soul's qualities become incarnate in the body of a true devotee of God and that body is cald as a Divya Purush, Yogi Purush and Anshik Avtari Purush in the world and now we  being introvert search of Him and can divinly realize Him.


                              Das Anudas Rohtas

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