Friday, May 23, 2014


                     Spiritual Knowledge 
            Here Lord Vishnu's avatar Lord Shree Krishna, in Dwapar Yuge, in His sweet song Shree Madhbhagwadh Gita's chapter-15, wanted to give supreme Divine Knowledge giving the example of a Kalap Tree, "Ashwatha" (PEEPAL) which is said to be imperishable and a divine imagination. The Almighty God, "ADHI"," Dav - Adhidave " Primal Person "NARAYANA"  is the (Mool Adhara) ROOT of this Primal Tree. Lord Shree Barhma Ji is the main Trunk and main Branches, nourished by the three Divine Gunas of "Three Gun Maya Dhari", from Lord Barhma's, Lord Vishnu's and of Lord Shiva and VEDHA are the Leaves of this " Divine World's Form (SRISHTI) LIke the Peepal Tree." All these are immortal. But no body can easily observe and realized it divinely and Tatavikly, the beginning and the end of this divine primal tree. No one can know that How many longer period of Yuge, it may be remain and not realized by any divya or yogi Purush.  Only with fast determination with consciousness a true devotee of God can divinly Imagine with the help of divine "Turiya Yog Kriya " a special divine power of, Lord Shri Par Barhim Parmeshwar and by spiritual divine knowledge who  know about TATAV divinely and by deep meditation without any attechment to Natural virtues like ( Kama, Krodha, lobha, Moha, Proud, and Mind, Kowledge, and Aham-Bhav), being thoughtless and stable  mind.  A true devotee should cuting down this peepal tree with"RING" a divine weapon of "VIVEKA" in meditation and seek that Supreme State "GOD", having reached one never returns, saying,  "I seek and refuge in the Primal Person Narayana  from whom has emanated this beginingless flow of the creation". So one should meditate on Him. We are showing this divine imagination of the Kalap Tree in a Image giving below.


                    Das Anudas Rohtas

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