Saturday, May 18, 2013

* Kundalini Awakening Yoga Chakra

             Kundalini Awakening Chakra Yoga
                              Param Hans Rohtas

                     It is very difficult to be stable and focus our mind, Powerly, at  "Tatav" Supreme Soul, a miner divine point, Suksham-Bindh, in internal divine Universe, in Bhirkuti, a central place of our forhead. Only a yogi purush or a divya purush or Avtari purush after kindness and blessing by God, may be success in stabling his mind during deep meditation. It is too difficult,  to death. After stability of mind being conciusnrss we can realized our soul Chakra which I'd call as awakening of Kundiliny Chakra which start circulating from Moolaadhara to Sahsara Kamal. The main divine Kriya of yoga which have great importance in the life of a Yogi Purush.

             Only self-confidence, fast determination and deep meditation may be the " Master-Key ", of our destination to reach, realizing and obeserving, Shuksham Bindh"TATAV" supreme Divine power, Supreme Divine Soul, "NIRAKARA" The Almighty God,"God ".
                                        Das Anudas
                                        Shithirpragya Rohtas

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