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Param tatav Leela and Param Ras Leela
In Internal Divine Universe,”param Loak”

                      IN  Dawapar- Yuge, Lord Vishnu’s Avatar, Lord Shree Krishna, become incarnate of PARAM TATAV,as” PARAM- AVATAR”. He was the real  Incarnation of Param- Tatav, and Shree Radhe Rani was the incarnation of the real Suprime Power a special divine power of PARAM-TATAV,( Param Shakt), a  “POWER OF VIVEKA”  and some Gopnies were the real incarnation of Divine- Anshik-Tatavs  also. All these Param -Tatav and Anshik Divine Tatavs and Tatav of Viveka are “ HOLY-TATAV ” and they appeared divinally at the same time and situated automatically, only in this divine “Param- Holy- Loak ” and They play, and enjoy  together a  divine, PARAM- RAS- LEELA , only in Internal Divine Universe. Because all these Tatavs are completally divine, so they can Formatted Himself in any Form, (Divya-Roop ) as They want.
!  Lord Shree Krishna was the incarnation of PARAM – TATAV.
!! Shree Radhe Rani was the incarnation of PARAM – POWER – VIVEKA ( PARAM-SHAKTI ).
!!! Goddess Gopnies were the incarnation of DIVINE – ANSHIK – TATAVS.
                       In Dawapar-Yuge all these Param –Tatav, Tatav of Viveka and all these Divine- Anshik-Tatavs  play together with each other and get enjoy in there original Divine Forms,” Sakar- Roops ”, a Divine-Param- Ras-Leela in Internal Divine Universe, Param Loak, only, which showing in the above images. Param -Rishi –Shree- Ved -Vayash - Ji - Maharaj also explained about this divine observation and realization of  PARAM- RAS- LEELA, in DAWAPAR -YUGE in the Historical Book ,” Shree- Mad-Bhagwat-Puran.” Only after kindness and blessing by The Almighty God, ”GOD”,  a true devotee of God, Divya  Purush,Yogi  Purush or an Avtari Purush can observes and realizes this wonderful Divine Param Ras Leela of Param Tatav a Param Holy Soul ,”The Almighty God”  being an introvert living in consciousness , being stable of mind, only in internal divine universe, in Param Loak or in Holy Param Dham, situated in the midst into our Bhirkuti on Forhead only of a Divya - Purush, or an Avatari Purush, in this beautiful  Shristi.
                     Here I want to explain that “ The Almighty God “ Lord Vishnu’s Avatar,” Lord Shree Krishna” in Dawaper Yuge, in His sweet Song of Shree  Mad- Bhagwat- Gita explain in chapter - 4 th,  Sloka -9 , that His birth and activities are totally Divine. He who knows this in reality, does not take birth again on leaving his body and after surching, seeking and refuge , he attains to Me. Further, He also mentioned in Sloka -7 th and -8 th, that whenever evils and sins increase on this EARTH, in this beautiful Shristi, I become incarnate here for the protection of the Virtues and for the distruction of evil-doors, evil creatures and for establishing religion ( Dharma ), truth and peace, again and again.  Now it seems that The Almighty God ,” Lord Vishnu’s Avatar ” Lord Shree Krishna has become re-incarnate and appeared in His original Form (Divya-Roop) ,” MANUSHAM-ROOPAM “ between us, in this beautiful  Shristi, and we should try to reach and search of Him,” Lord Shri Krishna “.
                       Yet we should seek and refuge in the original Divine Form “ NIRAKARA” of  Param Tatav, Supreme Power , Supreme Holy Soul,  Supreme Stat, The Almighty God,” GOD “ and refuge in Him, the Primal- Person ( NARAYANA ) and should meditate on Him.                                                   
 Universal Truth and Spiritual realization.
                                                                                                                                Das Anudas
 Avtari Purush Rohtas

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