Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What is the concept of Heaven and Hell ?

What is the concept of heaven and Hell ?

Que: ---- What is the hypothesis of heaven and hell ?

               By Aventika Tripathi .........

 Ans: -----By Shree Rohtas Ji...

Namaste ji,

                   By the  way, the meditation is the subject of the perceptual experience of a person, which can only be realized in the inner divine universe in Bhirkuti. Spiritually divine Holy souls are respected and safe in Heaven. Here in Heaven, these holy souls are owned by Indra Devata according to meditation-Yoga, while in Hell peoples live according to their bed & sinful deeds. Living souls are repleced in long ques laying down on Earth in the form of highly-miner new-born babies body, just like of a sparrow and death will take place in the body for some time in time . The purpose is to send for the movement of these organisms continues flow of this wonderful creation in Shristi .

                                                Das  Anudas Rohtas

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