Friday, October 27, 2017


Friday, October 27, 2017
Is God (Sakar) real or (Nirakar) formless ?

Que: ---- By Shree Durgesh Giri: --- Spiritual Sea Quiz Solution at Facebook on 26-10-17 Is God (God) Real or Formless? Please clarify *****

Answer: ----By Rohtas

Shri Man ji Greetings,

                       From the spiritual point of view, according to Hinduism, there are many Divine forms of God, from whom God appears in Nirakar divine form, in the divine state, realized in internal divine Universe and manifested in physical SAKAR Real form, times after the age of the age, in this wonderful physical World, manifested itself to our ultimate affectionate bhagat Let them keep on spinning, and encourage them in the delusion, from which these two forms are special, which are shown in the following form. God, who is experienced in meditation,and by meditation, is also formless and God is also real, if God wishes, then he can also make his most exquisite, loving, beneficial person with the grace of his very beautiful Mohini form.

* 1.  Formless Form *

                        Therefore, God should be very special grace, manifesting in both forms can be possible. In the same way, in the present era of Kaliyug, in 1996, in the form of its beautiful, divine form, manifested in the form of "Manusham Roopam", special grace was done after some time by performing special mercy on his supreme bhakt. God is very kind and compassionate, no matter who the person is, when he is full of desire, whatever the caste community is related to the sex community, all creatures in the eyes of God, the creatures are the same, when the fulfillment of Bhogi is fulfilled, their ultimate betrayal, marriage, Divine Purush, Yogi Purush, If anybody is a believer of God, God will surely show it by doing charity and blessed by giving life absolute peace, which gives life to the creatures of ecstasy Every person who becomes Rapti it is only Uddheshya get precious life.

 * 2. Divine Sakar Form of God *

                 Om Namo Narayana Ji

                                                 Das Anudas Rohtas

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