Sunday, October 29, 2017


                             Param Hans Rohtas

                 When the self-element- soul becomes pure then the master ie the Supreme Spirit, all its divine qualities, all the divine powers partly  for some momentary time, to please their unique ultimate bhakt, to His true devotee to experience their divine LEELA and as the words of the ultimate Swan From the same meaning, "Swan of Param", the Holy soul flies at the speed of the ultimate Swan and takes on the form of the Flow of flame from ges-blower, just like a form of divine Turiya verb, As is happening such values experience so high speed of action of the movement of all the souls of the Holy Spirit. Very great joy is attained and the Dhyan state becomes stable and deep. This Parbrahma - Permeshwer is specially blessed on the ultimate betrayal of the Supreme Father Adam. Such a state of ultimate affectionate Hirda is addressed in the name of Param Hans in Spirituality.

Spiritual truth

                                Das Anudas Rohatas

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