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Which route is More Suitable in Spiritual World, Bhagti Marg or Knowledge Marg

Which route is more suitable in the spiritual world, Bhagti Marg or Knowledge path
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Jai Shri Krishna,

                Srimsn live here a few poignant words suitable Which Yoga path of Kaunsha yoga path, Bgtiyog path or jnana path based on spirituality such must be great that we can be taken in your life philosophy as divine become Srwsresht only way Lord , Or the Lord will be interviewed. "We have written before, even if the praises are correct, then its answer will be correct." On the other hand, if we talk about going to God, then God has always been there. * It is not possible to go anywhere, yes its a Matter of Self Realization. Take it from the base of the subject of personal experience that spirituality, so Bgti route can provide the ultimate way to God the opportunity to appear to be only Prsnn from Bgti be Anandvibhor your Bgt
       He's on the Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Sankhya Yoga, Lyyog, Hatha Yoga, called yoga, Bgtiyog any sum to be able to have any experience of all incomplete divine experience only meditation without meditation route ie Bgti And meditation is an important part of yoga Bhagnyoga, therefore Bhagyoga is the best way to best yoga. God's ultimate Bgt, Lgneshu, Jigyasu, most affectionate Bgt people often :, has since been adopted as Sristi remains till today, Bgtimarg and receive divine experience being introvert in his spiritual life, enjoy Bgti peace dear life to Hang There are income which is peaceful in the world: Enabling environment is possible and which is also the ultimate focus of our lives.
          As far as the person is concerned, even in every era, when God has finished the Bhakti of his ultimate bhakti, in the form of realization, in order to encourage him in front of his bhagat, it is manifested for some moment. Even now in the present era of Kaliyug, It has been manifested in the form but it is possible only after making all the exquisite pleasure, therefore, on the basis of spirituality, the Bhagmati Marg is the only universal route. 
                                 Das Sadas Rohatas
Avtari Purush Rohtas at 6:05 PM

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