Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Is Avtari Purush Rohtas True AVATAR or not

Que: --- Is Avtari Purush Rohtas True Avatar or not

Answer: On Achitiananad Swami Ji's post,
Question by Govind Jpsj Kotuwal: ------- Avatari Purusha Parnams You, Why You Have Recanted This Avatari Purusha, Your Name Is Only or Has Titled It May Know, Or In Truth You Are Incarnate Please extend a little bit, please! Facebook..23-8-17
  Answer by Rohtas :----
  Regards Pranam, 

          As time is running, according to the time, you are rightly asked. So we should tell you that some great souls inspired us, and wanted to remind us saying, that " you are an avatara Purush." Yes, We too thought it strangely before. Later, as the divine experiences became, I understood it is okay to write. So we write it. So this name was written to address only on the basis of personal divine Realization which can be real. No titles or worldly divine phenomena to give or threaten, You can go to our bottom side and repeat them, you can anticipate based on our personal Divine experiences, which can be true too. The world is very big and every Maha Purus has to face the challenges in every age, one of them can also be the self Soul-element . 
      With thanks giving

                               Das Anudas Rohtas 

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