Saturday, July 22, 2017

Apsara of Inder Devta in Heaven

                     Apsara of Inder Devta In Heaven
Que:- On Face Book by Parkashkalyani Ji:----

                 If you are like Bhagirat in Devotion and Lord Rama, then Apsara become there is danger to Lord Indra that some ascetic Paradise Do not take away the secret of there is no fear of Indra-Devta from an erray gerray, Lallu-Bugla-Bhagat, if the Apsara dissolve austerity how can the conservative idea ?

                 What things in heaven do not have any thing to do with heaven. These are all old pastries. Indra Deity is a very experienced god who ever goes to Heaven is a holy soul and Indra Devata welcomes the divine guests with great respect and honor, even if you go and see it, not only will he take you to Bekunt-dham and also You will also be able to see Lord Vishnu as your own Indra-Divta is capable.

                   As far as the off spring are concerned, those who have made the Divine devotees in the eternal world, they will appear there only, who are experienced only in the meditative state. Apsras are goddesses, they are Goddesses of Goddesses, Their bodies are also divine, they also come to God's ultimate bhakta, then they come to bring the blessings of the ultimate bhagat. When Bhagti is successful, the bhakta and Goddesses sit in one place till the meeting of meditation, and these two are the ultimate bhagti There are symbols. Bhagat of God goes on increasing towards its focus and Goddess sometime becomes involved with the divine body, both of them are great souls. 

                Thoughtful thinking is done by poor souls who are immersed in worldly disorders and desires. Now, change your thinking and use the time you have to save yourself, be absorbed in Lord's Bhagti, also the main object of our life.


                                      Das Audas Rohtas 

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