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* YOG- MAYA * What Is Yog - Maya *

               * WHAT IS YOG - MAYA *

                                                                                     Sakar Form of Yog- Maya


     Yog - Maya:-
              Write articles on Yog- Maya is not so easier, yet we try to write my best may God bless us !

    Yog + Maya: -
                       Pra-power when the menu holds the dead owner to placate its ultimate Bgton to coordinate their Leila. This whole creation is His creation. Yoga means everyone knows Maya means that divine power of God which is not visible to all, only God's intelligent, ultimate bhakta, Divine men and Avatari men get an opportunity to observe this Leela, which is used by Lord in the universe, from one place to another. God is fleeting and this divine virtue is only with God, by which God is unaffected even when he is omnipresent, despite being subtle, he is the master of all the three worlds, that is, all the creatures in the world are still unaffected by living in all the creations. Even the Ara are immortal ones are immortal. This is the divine quality of "consciousness" that is Maya, the manifestation of this divine power is manifested and then this power is completely in its own right. Taking the summation and getting Yog is only a Yog- Maya. On this conscious power only the supreme father is the authority of the Atma, which is also called Prabhupta, it is also known as the supreme name. This is the illusion of God which is known by the name of Yog- Maya. The opportunity to get experience is only on the grace of the master, with the help of which all the people get an opportunity to observe. It is the ultimate bhagat of God, in the form of austerity power, on the attainment of prakrti, power of discrimination, it is manifested in this world when time comes, and when it comes to the grace, it becomes a great honor to be called avatarari man. Divine Support of Divine Eye From this God can see this power of divine power to see this divine power. Even now, Maya has been incarnated in the present time, only on grace can we have experience. Upon receipt of discrimination, which is the ultimate true devitee of God, in the form of austerity power, it is incarnated in this world when time comes and if this grace is revealed, it is called the avatar man, with the help of divine men, divine powers. You can observe this Divine might to see the Divine Power, be pleased with God. Even now, Maya has been incarnated in the present time, only on grace can we have experience.
         Nirakara Form of  Yog-Maya

                     In fact, after the billions of years of Mahapalaya, the sum of the creation of the universe is made only by the composition, when the manifestation of the power of Vivek Shakti suddenly develops a tremendous explosion in which the planet Saturn creates all the natural elements and creates the creation All the natural materials appear in the universe and in these light the Divine power is manifested, which is as bright as the electric power. In the form of Divine Supreme Tatav in Tigand it is situated in the form of Tatav, with this, in the form of an Aadhi Shakti, a divine power also appears in the shape of a Divine Ring and is situated around the superim element as the gravety power security cover This is the power that is known as Maya. Spirituality is It is called Yog-Maya, Radhe Krishna, Sita Ram Shakti, Ma Durge, They are known by these names by our sages in spirituality because they are called the "Tatav + Ring" both the divine .. because of the above two divine powers. It is a superficial creation of the soul, it is all about automaticuly, Sistematiculy and Divinely creation of the Shristi, and with the decaying microscope Dot + ring, it is known as "Yogmaya" when the power of Maya, Divine, Shakti, Parashakti is realized. Here is the mention of Satyaguna of Maya, in which the adhishakti is known as Radha, Sita, Durga. There is also a temporal form of this (the owner of the Hellfire is known as the Yogamaya Shakti Maa, which is known as the Hoi Ashtami Mata, the second form of this majestic Rajogunni- Maya will be known only. We have done Ziba even then, it is also Shakti Maa. Its divinely Miner Forms of Newborn Baby's lok which is known as the hell folk) whose ownership is also near yog. If there is a mistake, then Sorry, it is written in a short time.

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