Sunday, March 16, 2014


             TRUE  WORSHIP  OF  GOD

               तत:      पदं     तत्परिमार्गितव्यं
               यस्मिन्गता   न    निवर्तन्ति भूय: ।
               तमेव     चाद्यं     पुरुषं      प्रपद्ये
               यत:    प्रवृत्ति:    प्रसृता   पुराणों ।

 Tatah     Padam    Tatprimargitavyam,
 Yesmingata   Na   nivertanti  Bhuvyah.
 Tmava Chadhyam Pursham Parpadhe,
 Yatah   Parvrittih    preshrita   Purano.

              Lord Krishna gave a message in His sweet divine song in Shree Madbhagavadgita in Davapar - Yuge in Chapter 15, sloka 4, that  being concioisness, virtuousless with fast determination, thoughtless and stable mind during meditation, we should diligently seek our Lord, Supreme State " The Almighty God " having reached which one never returns, in this beautiful world. So we should seek and refuge in the Primal Parson (Narayana) from whom has emanated this beginingless flow of creation in this wonderful World and meditate on Him.
V.V. Imp:-
              Lord Krishna explains here that " I also seek & refuge in Him, " NARAYANA " The God.

                                         Das Anudss Rohtas


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