Tuesday, March 11, 2014


                      Srishti Just Water
                          --------------------                                               Physicaly Spiritually and Scientifically terms the creation of the Universe billions of years is after only water and water-borne organism Mahaperlaya the Prawn which defeats the sacred privilege of being the first step was Lobster (Zingah). So all the living creatures upon Earth in this beautiful Srishti are after metamorphosis of  Forms of a Zingah. In this way, we all beings in the World today deserved the blessing of lobster (Zingah). We all being in the world today, the blessing of the shrimp in the Srishti overland Nvcr, jlcrsbi prani occurred after the origination Shrimp and the subscquent creation of humanity. Now this is also clear that all the male master incarnated divine men, great men and avatari Purush are the blessing of this lobster.

                         Water= H2-O

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