Wednesday, April 26, 2017

True Love

                                       True Love
                        God is Love      Love to God

                  First Open internal divine universe then appeared some Divine Tatavs like Stars as in image No-1 in "Satya-Khand" in Upper Divine Universe and after some time we observed appearience of Divine Power, Divine Light, " DIVINE-FLAME " like as a light made cloud and lightly move in divine space, showing in as image-2, in inner divine Universe and then appeared our "East-Dave" in giving below image No-3. Lord Shree Krishna puting His Head to enjoye peacful Love in prayer's Hand of His True Devotee, or you can say "On Palms" at 4-30 am on 26-4-17. And after blessing peaceful love, to His Devotee, He disappeared after some time, during meditation.

" How Graceful Love ! "


                                         Das Anudas Rohtas

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