Friday, March 22, 2013


            Origin of Tatav is an automaticaly, Biginingless, Endless and divine appearience in this Wonderful - Aseem - Akhand-Barhamand, which situated as a central Divine Point, as a Dot, as a Suksham Bind, in the midst of all internal and External Universe and all Loaks with all kind of divine sources of powers and all kind of Divine Tatavs. He can appeared in the midst of all above factors in a Moment in any kind of Form (roop) as He wants and can disappeared in a moment. Tatav is the Mool-Adhar, Main Base of the Shristi. Tatav is immortal and it lieve for ever in this Beautiful Shristi. Spiritualy Tatav is cald Chettan Tatav, Param Tatav,Suprime Soul and Suprime God," GOD "The Glorious Origin of Divinity.

                             Das Anudas Rohtas.

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