Friday, March 22, 2013

* Definition of Tatav *

         In this peaceful, Crystaliese Ozone with Sky-Blue-Silver-Colour,
Aseem-Akhand-Barhamand in Round-Shape, automaticaly created like Net,
presenting so many kind of Millions, Anshik-Tatav and miner Elements, with their different kind of Form (roop), shape and colours situated from the Pasture time in Shristi. But Spiritualy there are two kind of Divine Tatav, one is a Divine-Chettan Tatav," Suprime Soul, Param Soul"
and second are Jadh-Tataves ( Tatav of Nature ). But here is meaning only for Chettan-Tatav, Suprime Tatav, Param Tatav, Suprime Soul, Suprime Power, Suprime State, and Suprime God," GOD " which is complitally divine and automatically Original.
         There are five main Tatav of Parkriti ( Jadh-Tatav ) also;-
1 Akash Tatav ( Sky )
2 Pawan Tatav ( Air )
3 Agani Tatav ( Power )
4 Pani Tatav ( Water )
5 Pirthavi Tatav ( Earth ).
          All these above Divine Tatav are main Tatav Spiritually which have importance in the History.
         In-fact there are so many kind of Divine Anshik-Tatav and divine miner Tatav in internal Divine universe and external Universe and Loaks in Shrisri that even Scientist of the world can not success to reach and search of all kind of divine miner and Anshik Tatav with the help of Computirise Microscop and mechanicle instruments. Only with the help of Divine-Third-Eyes with," Mana-Budhi and Gayan " being an Introvert, some Yogi Purush, Divya Purush and Avtari Purush can success to reach and search of all these Divine Anshik-Tatav and Suprime Tatav, PARAM-TATAV,  Suprime God, GOD.
                                Das Anudas
                           Tatavagiya Rohtas.

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