Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Oh My God 👏 is it Global warming ?

                  ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ 

                   Om Tat Sat          

      Oh My God, Please Excuse Us 


According to the experience during meditation, it seems as if the Sun God is becoming Cristol due to the weakening of the Gravity Power and is seen scattering down in the space
It may be cause Global warming
Colourful Vortical Gravity Radiation Waves also realized in Space in meditation during Worshipping Sun, " It was realized as if someone had spread a Divine celestial Net (Inder-Jaal) and made of  Nuchlair rediation in  Universe." First time 3-30 am in 16-9-17 which showed by Video & now secondly at 9-15 am, on 14-12-2021 

Colourful Vortical Gravity Waves


Circulation Clock-wise


Based on extensive studies of biblical texts, he estimated that the world would “reset” in 2060, when “the Kingdom of God” would prevail ...
I believe, scientificly, dainly and religiously end of the world, will happen in near.... Newton





  ***( Nuclare War could Kill us all) *** 
               * End of the World *
There are some reasons if the End of the
World may be happened
  1. Gravity power of the Planets will go down week.
  2. On the base of calculation mathematically regarding the year 2060
    ( Source- The National Liberty of Israel )
  1. It is writtenlly given on a Paper in 1704 by Sir Isaak Newton on the Specific Piece of Paper. There are 7 points of reason to explain it that is why the world will be End in 2060
  2. Basis of the ( Book of Daniel ) that focuse on the Humanity, from a religious Perspective and " Biblical apocalypse " and how this may happen
  1. Sir Isaak Newton also believely said that believing in both scientifically, Dainly and religiously the End of the world will happened and end of the Humanity will happened. Our Society's members also discuss on it that it seem the end of the World is near.
  2. Sir Elbert Einstein also belive both scientifically and religiously run each-other in Philosophically and also believe in " God Devotionally " and that dew some reasons Global Warming will happened in Space and End of the World is NEAR in future.
  3. Sir Stephen Hawking also predicted that the World will end. When he was solving the Mysteries of Black-Holes and revolutionizing theorical Physics.
   " Earth will turn into a Giant-Fire-Ball "
         Sir Hawking warned last July that

   ( Humanity is at a " TIPPING-POINT" )

      He added that Global Warming would           Cause the Earth to become like Venus           with Global temperature of 482                    degrees Fahrenheit and Sulphuric 
      Acid- Raining from the Sky. And Said :--        " I afraid that all may replace humans          altogether "

       *** Nuclare War could kill us all ***

           It seems after collide two black astroid in universe then spark going on during the crossing and coming to Earth
 to me in I D U
Natural Disaster

Divine Eyes 5-8-22 at 3-00am

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