Monday, December 30, 2019

Effectation of Natural Virtues on Shristies "Creaters" created By The Almighty God

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Question by: --- Mahi Singh

Greetings to all the scholars
Everyone has a question
Everybody knows that God is one and God resides in different names in all.
Knowing all this, why do all people argue among themselves, why do they quarrel, why are they vying to see each other down, all are humans, they are believers of God, so why are all sitting enemies of each other, why not God in everyone Seeing him behaving well with him, why why ??

Answer by Shree Rohtas Ji:-----

                       " Om Tat Sat "

Namaste Ji,

                       After getting inspiration according to the grace of the owner, we try to write the answer in brief. According to the big law - the law and the destiny of God, in this beautiful creation, all the body-like creation has been made with the combination of male and natural elements. Spiritually, the soul is addressed here with the word Purush and our divine capable body made of the bondage of natural qualities has been known as nature here. Please pay attention here.

                        Changing is the law of nature, due to the change in the properties of nature, the attitudes, Nature, Rajoguna, Sarogun and Tamoguns are influenced by the qualities of every universe here, and by the qualities of the five elements and knowledge of nature. Those who have a close relationship with our mind, the nature of the mind is very fickle, due to which all these able beings (living beings) etc. can be seen in the experience of different nature. Under the ultimate soul is Immortal is the same in all the Holy Soul's holy, which are Vikar mukt " Gunateet " (The Holy Soul which is very holy is Immortal, which, while being devoid of (multiplication), always remains the same, stable, holy in the last and middle all three stages, so all the beings are different from nature even though they are Bhagavan Prima i.e. God is the form.

       Spiritual intelligence

                                  Das Anudas Rohtas

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