Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Qes:--           Is there a God ?

                             * GOD *

Ans:--      by Rohtas -----      

             We want to remove this suspens. Now believe or do not believe it is the personal right all of us. We are all free minded. God is God, He is very kindful while being a disciplinarian based on His divine latitude.     


* God is the bitter truth & Matter of Self-Realization *

           God's ultimate authority never holds an incarnation. Lord Divine form is the only embodiment. Creation and appearance of God is completely Divinely, automatically and systematically generated, in the Shristi. Now there is no doubt, How appears or happens ? God creates his own leela in the universe, first of all he composes the composition of his own divine, "format" The Formated God, which is absolutely perfect, his perfect divine quality, which is a perfect divine, is known in Hinduism as the name of God. This is what Adi God has created in the form of his Trigunya Maya Dhari, composition of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh etc. and comprehends the creation of his three qualities and the Mahapralaya., These are Gods till God, and whenever they want it, gracefully becomes present before their ultimate Bhagat.
               We have come to God very closely and calmly.  God gave us special grace to show His Divine Reality in the form of beautiful Lord Narayana, in the form of God, which we have seen in our material worldly sight and after some time God has become infinite. This happens only after the Era-Yugantar when God appears on this sacred trust to encourage any of his ultimate characters in the form of Sarasvati in the form of a joy, and to encourage them.

" Now we will only say that Lord is God. We have firmly believe, you will meet, God."

          On the other side, God is also a divine power, formless form of Divine form, whose philosophy is very rare. After doing this very unique exudence, by observing the personal divine eyes through the divine eyes, only by personal experience can it be observed only by the Yogies, And the bridegroom and the curious who are the ultimate bhaktas of God, they can observe and always earn and do the same. God's special mercy remains upon them.

Types of God:--
  1. God
  2. Formated God
  3. Adhi God
  4. Three Murti God
  5. Lord God
  6. Mumukshu God
  7. Avatar of God
Please be satishfied Now: -

            It is the matter of confidence and self realization. So there is value of self divine realization in meditation, spiritualy and divinely and no one can show to others.

   Spiritual Truth  

                             Das Anudas Rohtas

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