Thursday, November 8, 2018

About Rohtas

                       About Rohtas

              * Servshrest Yogi Rohtas *


                   I was born in a small village Nahari in distt Sonipat Haryana India in a poor family. My father was a jeweller and a poor farmer also. I was blessed by God with great devine powers," Divine Light " since 1963 in my childhood. I was only twelve years old when I came to know some devine activities, happened to me. I experienced ' Devine Light, *PARABH-JIYOT* many time in my life since I was just thirteen. A great Yoga came in my life, after 1973.

                    I've been blessed with" Devine Lila " Avalokan. I've realised different divine and beautiful 'Roops' of God. Believely once God appeared to me and stay with me, in my bed room "SAKSHAT" in His Divya and beautiful 'Saakar roop' "MAANUSHAM ROOPAM", for about a couple of minutes. ATTENTION please- It's being confirmed, as per given in 'THE BHAGAWAT GITA's Adhaya 4, Shloka 7 and 8 by Lord Krishana in Dwaper-Yuge.

       Spiritual Truth

                                               Das Anudas Rohtas

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