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           * Amrit- Anandhit - Rohtas *

  Que: - By Rutul Menon What is the Nectar Ras- Pan spirit in Spirituality?

In the ultimate ocean prashana-uttra doubt shmadhan @ facebook *****

 Reply by Rohtas: -

 Namaste ji 
                       * Kasth - Siddhi * 

                 Yes Ji yes, it is a poisonous breath and there is Cast-Shidhi in Spitituality. In ancient times, our sages, Muni, saints, yogis, men, great soul, meaning that they used to be able to observe divine experiences, which can still be done.

                 First of all, we should know about the Nectar-Juice-Pan desire * or * pestilence *. The meaning of the word is clear, like the wooded + the divinity unrivaled. Deep meditation Yoga by long  prectice in meditation after perfection, our body becomes like a dead body at one time and the body becomes like a wood, and becomes like a parody. The pockets of the head are closed, in the sense of the yoga of the yoga True Bhagti is called a Divine Conscience, which makes a marriage with the intention of attaining the uniqueness. Here is the name of the prudent man 

                    * Amrit Ras Pan *

                  The Nectar Ras Pan Bhagti, the ultimate bhakti of the bride and the yogi, the yogi experience the elixir juice by exquisite pleasure, which, after the indignation of the body, after the body's unconsciousness, on how the body become casts, on the pores of the bottom under the head (body bones As it is, by squeezing it), from the upper part of the throat, two Drop of the nectar juice, the divine boondes sprout, which are capable of eradicating the Nectar juice of the births of the era of Param Bhagth, Refreshing the body, makes the unique divine joy an attribute, it is possible to attain discretion on the grace of Lord, and it becomes Yoga from Divinity that can be possible only after the Lord's grace after the long exorcism of life By observing this yoga action, many births pass away, just after this, after the grace of God, absolute peace,

* It is very difficult Dagar of Pan-ghat * 

Special :-- Keep in mind, this is the         subject of personal experience, 

                             Das Anudas Rohtas

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