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Jai Shree Krishna " Secrecy In Shree Madbhagavad Gita "

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                  Lord Krishna gave suggestions to Arjuna," be ready for war because You are a Warrior and it is your own duty also but specialy fight against the attachment to Natural virtues, in Your spiritual life and concentrate your mind on present moment to be Stable & Surrender your-self to Me."  Lord Krishna is here, in His original Divine Form.

* Secrecy In Shree Madbhagavad Gita *
There is main secrecy in Shree Madbhagavad Gita's adhey 18, slokens 61, 62 and 65, 66.
                    Here Lord Krishna suggest to Arjuna, that " Lord " dwells in the Heart of all Humen -being and all creatures, who are mounted on the automaton of this body with the help of His intellectual power divinely revolve according to their actions. So we seek and refuge in Him, (NARAYANA)  from whom has emanated this beginningless flow of creation, and through His grace you shall obtain Supreme Peace and the eternal above.
 कृपया ध्यान दें:- 
     * उस प्रमेश्वर की शरण में जा, उस प्रमात्मा की कृपा से तूं परम शान्ति और सनातन परम धाम को प्राप्त होगा। * .........."उस".....

Now Lord Shree Krishna said here again,
" OR "
                 Fix your mind on ME, and devote to ME, worship Me and Hearty bow to Me, so that without any doubt. You shall reach to Me, for, Arjuna you are dearest to Me. 
                 Surrendering all your duties to me, seek and refuge in Me alone, I shall absolve you of all Sins and not to Grieves.
( कृपया ध्यान दें:- * मेरे को प्रणाम कर, मेरी भग्ति कर, मेरे को पूर्ण समर्पित हो,  मेरी शरण में आ। * )

Now here is Secrecy:-" उस प्रमेश्वर की शरण में जा, या मेेरे को स्मर्पित हो मेरी शरण में आ।"
समाधान:- श्री कृष्णा को दू्ापर युग मे " नारायणी देह " प्राप्त थी इसलिये श्री कृष्णा एक तरह से नारायण के ही अवतार थे। जिसके लिये वह अर्जुन को कह रहे थे कि चाहे प्रमेश्वर की शरण में जा, या मेरी शरण में आ मेरे को समर्पित हो कर मेरी पूजा कर तभी परम शान्ति मिलेगी और परमधाम को प्राप्त होगा।

* Gita Ka Bhagwan *
                    There is great secret in the World that Lord Krishna is God of Gita or not. No doubt, Lord Krishna is the God of Gita. Shree Madbhagavad Gita is a very sweet divine song, singing by Lord Krishna in Dwapara-Yuge.

Lord Krishna was the real Owner of the Divine Body of Lord " Narayana " because Krishna become incarnated of lord Narayana ( Narayani-Divine-Body) (Narayani-Dhahe) in Dwaper-Yuge, So Lord Shree Krishna was the real owner of all these divine powers which showing with the help of this chart giving below. Now it is very clear that Lord Krishna was the God of Gita and Dwapar Yuge, as given below in the image.
1. God 2. Formatted God 3. Achieve God 4.  Narayana 5 Lord Krishna. 
This Chart is very easy to know about the position of all these God.

                                   Das Anudas Rohtas

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