Monday, January 3, 2011

Spiritual Truth

Spiritual Truth

God is worshiped: - “by deep meditation, without any attachment to Natural virtues, being stable of mind”
            I am going to write this line, for the welfare of the people, in this dead Loka (world). I assured you that, after obtaining this line, practically in life, you can realize the Divine activities of God. For Spiritually  benefited ,to  human life in future ,I am going to explain some of my spiritual realization ,blessed by God to me , from my childhood ,till today, during powerly practice in yoga,  Pranayam and exercises ,from the outer world and going deeply by meditation, in the inner world, the world of divine super souls Universe, that is situated in midst between Bhircuty before our head.
Truly, spirituality is the result of our long time life experience journey, which is coming from the period of our pasture world, meaningly Adhie, Madhya, & Ananta. You can say it is the fruit of great practice of Yoga –Mudra, as Padmasan, Sun prayer, Sidhasan, Smadhista, Paran-Apan, Shavasan karma, by deeply meditation, with thoughtless and stable mind, and firmly faith in God. Name yoga as OM, RAM, HARE, yoga of Karma, Yoga of knowledge, Bhagaty yoga, and very important yoga, Yoga of Meditation. Some spiritual knowledge we gain, from our Dharma gurus, historical places, and religious books, and good sanskar from educated, religious and spiritual person, good and well -known family


After believing ourselves and self realization and with the help of all above long experiences, practices and efforts to grow to reach the highest consciousness, we can reach at our destination ‘Supreme soul’ searching, in our inner world.
All these qualities, being together with each other, create, a great Tree of Spirituality truly and helpful, to built a great Nation and stabling peace in the World.
When you find all these special qualities, mentioned above in a personality, you can say that person a ‘MAHAPURUSHA’ or ‘MAHATMANA’ or a ‘YOGI PURUSHA’

True Servant of God,
Dass Anudas Rohtas

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